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Oct 31, 2019
Toronto, Ontario
Position Available:  Data & TechOps Coordinator
Please email all Resumes to Leah Meers  

SheEO is a global community of radically generous women transforming how we fund, support and celebrate women-led Ventures that are working on the world’s to do list - the UN SDGs.  

Our goal is to reach 1M Activators and a $1B perpetual fund which will support 10,000 women-led Ventures yearly for generations to come. 

The Role:  SheEO is looking for a Data and TechOps Coordinator to join the small, yet mighty team responsible for delivering a delightful experience for Activators, Ventures and other partners.  

This position will work closely with a current Systems Architect and Google Apps Developer.  The role will focus on maximizing SheEO’s use of GSuite, GSuite’s integration with other core technology and all the data that each of the multiple systems generates.

We are looking for people that live the following values .  At SheEO

• We lead with radical generosity  
• We collaborate and implement feedback loops in everything we do  
• We show instead of tell and are biased towards action  
• We are open to our own personal growth & transformation and practice regular self-reflection  
• We are honest with one another and ourselves  
• We recognize that asking for help allows others to share their expertise and deepens a relationship  
• We co-create through iteration and design-thinking  
• We create space to notice, learn and share  
• We are accountable for creating the conditions we need to thrive  
• We cheer each other on  
• We own our greatness  

Here is what success in this role looks like:
• Our data is accurate and trusted plus readily available for ad-hoc or regular analysis/reporting
• Our technologies are secure, reliable and used to their maximum potential  
• Our best-practices are well-documented for others to thrive and knowledge to be shared, including the SheEO network 

Roles and Responsibilities  

• Data Modelling and Management. Continue to modify and maintain the existing SheEO data model; as changes are made from within a particular system, the data model is updated across other platforms. This may include similar support to a handful of SheEO ventures also looking to maximize their datasets.  

• New Features, Enhancements & Upgrades. Regularly view GSuite platform and other SaaS technology updates and feature releases (especially announcements made at the annual Google Next I/O conference). Based on road-map and release cycle, identify, share and prioritize which features can deliver better collaboration, productivity, efficiency or higher-quality   data.  

• Training, Support and Learning Opportunities. Provide training and support to existing SheEO team members on how-tos and best-practices on GSuite and other core technologies. This may include providing online training and how-to sessions with SheEO ventures who are also using GSuite. 

• Intranet Documentation. Working alongside SheEO team members, update and enhance SheEOs intranet pages. Update existing policies and procedures related to key SheEO workflows, underlying technologies and the agreed upon data model.  

• GSuite & SaaS Administration. Maximize SheEO’s use of the GSuite platform and other related platforms. This includes, but not limited to:  
  • Report Statistics and Analysis. Monitor and analyze platform usage and performance across all GSuite tools (e.g. Docs, Slides, Sheets) plus other SaaS technologies (e.g. MailChimp, Zoom)  
  • User Onboarding/Offboarding. In a timely fashion, add or remove users to GSuite. Add these users to Lastpass + provide access to other key technologies
  • Google Drive. Monitor, review and maintain file/folder structure, permissions and activity usage reports for Google Drive and associated documents. Consolidate, delete or merge outdated documents, and archive old documents to keep the relevant documents searchable and accessible. 
• Identity Management: Apply user-name/password best-practices for all SheEO users across all major and secondary SaaS applications. This includes maximizing complementary features that Lastpass and GSuite (two-factor authentication/security key) provides the organization.  

• Integration Maintenance and Enhancements. Working closely with Systems Architect, regularly review and document all multi-system integrations. Ensure integrations operate as intended and tasks are fulfilled across all integration pathways.  

• Data Privacy. Lead and monitor a cross-platform security and audit controls on a regular and ad-hoc basis.  

Skills and Experiences  

• You have demonstrated being able to administer GSuite for Nonprofit or Business in addition to one or more other authorized Add-Ons, SaaS Applications or Chrome Extensions

• You have demonstrated being able to onboard new users, create user instructions and other materials

• You have experience creating ‘technology feature’ blog posts, videos and other resources for the external SheEO community

• Strong expertise in email, mobile mail access protocols, email security, spam, phishing and identity management

• Must be a self-starter, able to manage multiple activities simultaneously good time management skills  

Worth Noting

SheEO other core technologies include, Hivebrite, Eventbrite, MailChimp, Stripe, Zapier  

Please email all resumes to Leah Meers  
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