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Our values describe who we are and how we work at Repsol. They state what we believe in and what we stand for. They reflect our corporate culture and organizational behaviour. As a whole our values demonstrate how we act and expect to be treated as a member of the Repsol team.


We aspire to be a global company concerned with people's well-being and looking to build a better future by developing smart energy. Thanks to our hard work, talent and enthusiasm, we are well on our way to providing the best energy solutions for society and the planet.

Repsol's vision provides the benchmark and helps gauge the team's efforts. It guides all current and future actions.


Our cultural values shape the way we work. These values stem from two attitudes inherent to the Repsol culture: respect and foresight.


We apply foresight by acting with the bigger picture in mind and thinking about the future; the only way to make progress.


Respect means caring for people, society and the planet by building up relationships of trust. We must remain open to ideas, beliefs and practices that are different from our own, and show the utmost respect for others.


Cultural Values

These two pillars support our corporate culture, which is based on five values that guide our decisions and actions.


We care for the well-being of people, the Company and the areas in which we operate. Integrity requires maintaining a high standard of conduct; acting justly and honorably in all areas, but above all in the professional arena.

  • We respect and fulfil the commitments we make on both the personal and professional levels.
  • We recognize achievements and suitably take measures to correct improper behaviours.
  • We are consistent in what we believe, what we say and what we do.
  • We value individuals and promote the contributions and achievements of others.


When it comes to meeting targets, the impact and consequences of our decisions and actions on people, the areas in which we operate and the planet are major considerations. Upholding this value requires us to undertake certain commitments and act accordingly.

  • We assess the consequences of our actions and decisions, as well as their impact on people and the environment.
  • We look beyond the horizon and work for the future of the company.
  • We do our best to create relationships of trust in the company and community so we can achieve and meet our shared plans and challenges.


We strive to ensure that all our actions are clearly explained and that the information we provide is accessible and may be cross-checked. To us, information is an asset like any other, which we share to generate value. We are prepared to give appropriate, reliable and truthful information about what we do.

  • We act clearly, responsibly and constructively, creating relationships of trust.
  • We share information, ideas and proposals proactively, responsibly and thoroughly.


Through flexibility, we increase our ability to adapt to change and listen to the opinions of others. By actively listening, we are able to achieve our goals in a balanced and sustained way.

  • We listen to and value the opinions and contributions of others.
  • We request and acknowledge the opinions and needs of all the people involved.
  • We consider and adapt to the local conditions and situation where the company is operating.


Looking ahead to building the future means introducing innovation and continuous improvement in our day-to-day operations. We feel our ability to generate ideas and put them into practice in a collaborative atmosphere of generosity and shared learning is the key to remaining competitive and boosting our performance. Acting in accordance with these values will help us build a relationship of trust between us and our stakeholders.

  • Our commitment for continuous learning leads us to question what is established and be open to incorporating new ideas to achieve the best possible results.
  • We share achievements and lessons learned as a source of knowledge with those inside and outside the company.
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