R.V. Anderson Associates Limited

Ontario, New Brunswick, India

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited (RVA) has been engaged in the provision of professional engineering, operations, and management services since 1948. The organization comprises environmental and infrastructure specialists for water, wastewater, transportation, and urban development. The company is owned by its principals and associates, providing services to public and private sectors in Canada, and internationally.

Business divisions and affiliates include Anderson Operations Inc., Dennis Consultants of Sudbury, Ontario; Touchie Engineering of Moncton, New Brunswick; and Hydro-Com Technologies of Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The achievements of the firm are wholly dependent on the committed efforts of our dedicated employees, many of whom are shareholders of the company. We believe our employee-owned, independent consulting practice is the most effective method of providing objective, professional services to our clients.

Our culture is ownership. Our principals, associates and staff take ownership of the project; responsibility for achieving client satisfaction; and ownership of the company.

Corporate Mission

It is our corporate mission to offer consulting services of the highest quality in response to the needs of our clients, while conforming to the ethical standards of our profession. In carrying out these services, we will endeavor to ensure the economic well-being of our firm, provide an atmosphere conducive to employee development and self-fulfillment, and treat everyone fairly, with respect, honesty and understanding.

Environmental Mission

R.V. Anderson Associates Limited is committed to the principle of responsible stewardship of the environment. We will endeavor to ensure the well-being of our environment and that of future generations by considering the impact of our decisions and practices on the long-term viability of this planet.