Public Outreach

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Many non-profit organizations face consistent funding challenges. This means more time must be invested into budgeting and raising funds, leading to a decrease in the meaningful work the organization desires to fulfill. In the end administrative costs increase, productivity decrease, and costs to run a non-profit skyrocket.


Many non-profits have turned to monthly donations as a solution to their needs for predictable funding. Monthly donations give non-profits consistent and reliable funds while bringing the cost to process donations down. This means more of the donor's dollar goes directly into the cause. Monthly donations also provide an opportunity for the non-profit to build on donor relations and continue to build their network of long-term supporters. The core focus of Public Outreach Fundraisers is to acquire monthly donors and assist non-profits in lowering their fundraising costs and building donor relations.

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Public Outreach fundraisers do more than raise monthly donations. They are the first point of contact for many new donors with an organization they want to support. Fundraisers put a human face to the non-profit and they are the starting point of a fantastic donor to non-profit relationship. Fundraisers update already existing donors on new projects and successes and they increase non-profit brand recognition. While they do this, all of our non-profit clients are guaranteed a minimum of 2:1 return on invest, meaning for every dollar the non-profit pays Public Outreach, the non-profit will receive at least $2 in donations.