Public Outreach

Do I get an hourly wage or is this a commission-based position?

We pride ourselves on maintaining strong ethical standards at Public Outreach and one of the ways we do this is by strictly paying ALL of our staff with an hourly wage. We believe commission and charities just don't mix! Our starting wages generally depend on the city you're applying for.

How do you fundraise?

We focus on face-to-face fundraising! This means our staff go out into the public either at major intersections in the city, door-to-door in different neighbourhoods, and in different mall locations. We interact with members of the public and do our best to raise awareness about the charity we're representing. If the person(s) we're speaking with are interested, our goal is to sign them up for a small monthly donation! Once you're asked to join one of our teams, you permanently fundraise on that medium! Every now and then we also have positions available with our phone fundraising teams.

What kind of charities and nonprofit organizations do you fundraise for?

We represent major local, national and international charities and nonprofit organizations! Think of influential humanitarian, environmental, medical and animal rights charities and we're probably fundraising for them!

How many days do I have to work?

We ask for a minimum of 3 days per week! Usually, depending on the medium, our shifts are approximately 7-8 hours. So whether you want to do 3, 4, or 5 days it's really up to you! The best part is you can tell us what days work best for you! Many of our offices work 7 days a week and your recruitment representative will be sure to confirm this with you.

Is this just a summer job?

No, but it can be! Many of our staff members work with us permanently and stick around for a long time! But, of course, we don't expect this from everybody and understand that students especially can't find time to work during their full time studies. Whether you want to work with us only for the summer or pursue a career with us give it a shot and apply!

What can I expect on my first day of work?

On your first day you'll meet one of your team leader's or your manager to do an in-office comprehensive training! You will be working with them and a couple of other trainees who have been hired around the same time as you. We will take you through everything you need to know about the charity and give you lessons on how to fundraise, Public Outreach style! Tip: When we send you your training package before your first day, review it and get acquainted with as much of it as possible.

Is there room to grow in the company?

A big part of our company mission is to enable our employees to grow at Public Outreach. The majority of our staff start off as fundraisers but we give our all to support them with resources and tools to develop their skills and explore a variety of of roles within the company. Whether you're interested in senior management roles or fundraising coaching positions, this can be the place for you!

What qualities do you look for in new staff?

We really just want you to be yourself and communicate your passions the best way you know how! We're all about equal opportunity and diversity in our workplace and encourage our staff to be vocal about the things they love and how they plan to change the world. There's no experience necessary for entry-level fundraising roles.