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Public Outreach is an international Face-to-Face Fundraising agency dedicated to building a sustainable charitable sector.

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Career Opportunities

There is lots of room to grow at Public Outreach. The company serves as a springboard for its employees, launching them into rewarding careers - both within the company and beyond it. Many fundraisers take on roles as Coaches, Account Managers and Data Analysts within the company. Those interested in the non-profit sector have even gone on to work for some of their favourite charities!

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Justice & Social Activism

Fundraising is a very powerful role. As charity representatives, rundraisers engage with members of the public and spread awareness about important global issues. They get people involved in making a real difference in the world through sustainable funding. Public Outreach works with some of the world's most influential humanitarian, environmental, medical and animal rights charities.

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People I Work With

The Public Outreach Team is a community of like-minded, friendly and diverse individuals. We come from different backgrounds and bring our vast experiences to work with us every day. The values, passions and ethics we share bring us together as a team, allowing us to make a huge impact on the causes we represent as well as on each other.

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Being Myself

At Public Outreach, we encourage our fundraisers to be themselves and express their individuality. Our managers all understan the importance of managing by the individual. Each fundraiser receives one-on-one coaching and regular individual check-ins with a direct manager. While fundraising, you do not follow a script. Instead, you have genuine, friendly conversations with donors.

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