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Our people are our most important asset. This principle combined with our principle of promotion from within means that strong emphasis is placed on employee development. P&G offers extensive on-the-job training and onboarding to ensure that all new hires and interns have the best opportunity possible to learn the most and contribute to the success of the business right away. Ongoing, we offer comprehensive programs to all employees on a wide variety of subjects to continually develop themselves and others.

Want to know what it's like to work at P&G every day? You've found the right place. Get the inside story from some of our great new hires and interns.


Tristan Lee
Assistant Brand Manager

In your opinion what makes P&G an ideal employer for fresh graduates?

I come from an arts background, having studied history in my undergrad at Queen’s. I have found my role challenging, but I am surrounded by resources that have helped me succeed both professionally and personally. At P&G, learning is encouraged and employees are constantly expected to seek opportunities for professional development – your training never ends. This company is driven to nurture talent.

I have found the work fulfilling on so many levels. From day one, I was able to play an integral role on the Crest/Oral-B Brand Team in Canada, often leading strategy development and action planning. In parallel, I have had access to education and a broad professional network so that I am equipped to succeed in my future career with P&G.

What do you like most about working for P&G?

I like the challenge. P&G brand jobs are tough, but I find myself learning every day and I’ve developed invaluable skills in my time at the company. P&G fosters an environment in which there are never too many questions. I am surrounded by a network of incredibly talented individuals from whom I have already learned a great deal. From day one, you are expected to lead. This is something I really appreciate about P&G, because it means that I have ownership over my ideas and the brand’s success. I’m driven constantly to push myself, and the experience has therefore allowed me to grow tremendously.

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Laurence Trottier
Account Manager

What have you learned since starting your career with P&G?

The beauty of P&G is that you never stop learning. Every week brings loads of challenges, new discoveries and opportunities. Not only did the company guide me through selling techniques and business acumen, they also invest in the personal growth and wellness of their employees. You can sign up for a variety of trainings: how to efficiently manage your time, be a better public speaker, and more! I already knew that with dedication and hard work, you can achieve whatever you want. P&G trained me on how to get there faster, better, and how to make sure that “there” is really where I should go.

What excites you most about your future with P&G?

I’m really looking forward to a future with P&G. With so much opportunity to try new things and take on more responsibility, the possibilities are endless. I know it’ll be challenging, tailored to my career goals, fulfilling, and will allow me to work with amazing people every step of the way.

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Kelly Laflamme
Category Development Management (CDM) Intern

A remarkable thing about P&G is the focus on its people, and the little details that make a huge difference from a personal stance. Even though I was miles away from my family and friends, P&G makes sure that we feel at home. For instance, I was part of two networks, and this enabled me to participate in a lot of different events and activities, and I got to meet some really great people. I helped the French Network organize a big party to kick-off our new slogan “French it Up!”, and another day, I was enjoying rides in Wonderland with the Intern Network! P&G’s culture is awesome, with an extraordinary sense of pride and community. Procter & Gamble invests in their interns, and the most valuable aspect is the trust shown by allowing interns to work on real life business challenges. An internship at P&G is an entire package of great opportunities, which is why I highly encourage you to apply!

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