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As a Marketing and Operations Manager with Prep101, you’ll need to know why we’re #1 to motivate your team of marketers and promote our service among your fellow students. Although we provide full training before you start in your role, we think it’s important to know what you’re promoting before you start.

Students come first at Prep101

Proven track record
Since 1999, we've helped over 100,000 university students get better marks than they ever thought possible. Our reputation speaks for itself.

Proven methods
We sharpen students’ problem-solving skills. We know the question types that keep showing up on exams for each course, and our instructors help students to recognize and solve them. There's simply no better way to prepare.

Our instructors have graduate degrees and teaching experience, and received top marks from hiring committees of students at competitive auditions. We post the educational background and teaching history of each instructor on our website because we firmly believe students should know who's teaching them. We post performance evaluations too: our students rate their instructors and we post the results on our website so students know how well the person teaching them performs in the classroom.

Course booklets
Written by our instructors and customized to students’ exact course, our Course Booklets are the perfect study guides.

At $10/hour (or less), including a Course Booklet, Prep Sessions are a definite bargain.

Prep101 offers a limited number of bursaries to students who are not otherwise able to attend a Prep Session. Bursaries are awarded based on financial need. Bursary applicants are asked to write a one-page letter outlining why they would like to attend a Prep Session and for which course, and the circumstances of their financial situation.

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