PepsiCo Canada

Our Brands

PepsiCo Canada is comprised of some of the world's most recognized and trusted brands. For more information please visit the pages below to see our products and find links to our brand websites.

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The Pepsi brand has been bringing fun and refreshment to consumers for over 100 years. Learn more about our flagship brand and the broad spectrum of beverages we offer in Canada.

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Tropicana, the strongest name in juices, extends the PepsiCo portfolio of brands with plenty of nutritious, high-quality flavors.

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Available in over 80 countries, the Gatorade brand's line of performance drinks add over 40 years of rehydration and sports nutrition research to the PepsiCo Canada portfolio.

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Frito Lay Canada
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As Canada's largest snack food manufacturer, Frito Lay Canada invigorates PepsiCo Canada's portfolio of products with plenty of good food and good fun.

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Quaker's power-packed line of popular brands expands our portfolio with a wide range of healthy food choices.

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