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Welcome to PepsiCo Canada's New Graduate Program

PepsiCo's continued focus on top talent is a critical component of our future growth and success. The PepsiCo Canada Emerging Leadership Program offers new graduates the opportunity to experience many different roles, a fast-paced career path, professional and personal growth opportunities, and the opportunity to live throughout Canada.

Meet just a few of the PepsiCo Canada associates who joined the company through the Emerging Leadership Program.

PepsiCo New Graduate Jobs Image Entry Level Justine Ivanauskas
District Sales Leader – Large Format East
PepsiCo Beverages Canada

My experience at PepsiCo: "I wanted to work for an organization where I could build on the knowledge I had acquired, and with PepsiCo Canada's world class status, I knew that if I put in the effort I could thrive and grow. As it turns out I was right; I have never felt more at home at an organization. As a member of the Sales organization, I have had the autonomy to take ownership, oversee execution, and make my territory my own. PepsiCo Canada is unlike any other company as it takes the time to invest in its people who wish to grow with the company. The sky is the limit at PepsiCo Canada!"

Career progression:

  • District Sales Leader (Territory Sales Manager) – Large Format East (current)
  • O.N.E. Brand Ambassador – Ontario (6 months)
  • Small Format Sales Representative – Central Team (1 year)
  • Campus Hire/Rover (6 months)

PepsiCo New Graduate Jobs Image Entry Level Michael Alaimo
Associate Marketing Manager - Lay's
PepsiCo Foods Canada

My experience at PepsiCo: "PepsiCo Canada's mentorship program has helped me acquire a holistic and fundamental understanding of the company. At this organization, new grads have the opportunity to lead key projects or teams in the early stages of their career. This experience enables them to accelerate their development by quickly learning the basics of our business and creating a strong foundation of knowledge to build upon as they begin their career at PepsiCo Canada."

Career progression:

  • Associate Marketing Manager (current)
  • District Sales Leader (1 year, 3 months)
  • DSL Designate (1 year)
  • Intern – Brand Management/Ontario Field (4 months)

PepsiCo New Graduate Jobs Image Entry Level Claudia Calderon
Director of Marketing – Portfolio Occasions
PepsiCo Foods Canada

My experience at PepsiCo: "The aspect I enjoy the most about PepsiCo Canada is its people. Every time I walk into a meeting I walk out feeling smarter and that’s incredibly important to me. I want to feel challenged and like I’m continuously learning, and this company provides me that. Although this is a competitive environment, it is not one where people will do anything to get ahead – if anything, people will do anything they can to help you succeed. You won’t find that in many places."

Career progression:

  • Director of Marketing - Portfolio Occasions (current)
  • Sr. Marketing Manager - Potato Chip Portfolio (1 year, 5 months)
  • Marketing Manager - Doritos (1 year, 7 months)
  • Marketing Manager - Aquafina (1 year, 3 months)
  • Associate Marketing Manager – Dole, Ocean Spray, Izze (1 year, 8 months)
  • Associate Marketing Manager – Tropicana, Dole (2 months)
  • Associate Marketing Manager – 7UP and Flavours (6 months)
  • Assistant Marketing Manager – 7UP and Flavours (1 year, 5 months)
  • Marketing Intern – Aquafina, SoBe, Starbucks Frappuccino (4 months)

PepsiCo New Graduate Jobs Image Entry Level Mike Metauro
Business Development Manager – Central & Eastern Canada
PepsiCo Foodservice

My experience at PepsiCo: "At PepsiCo Canada, there are so many powerful brands in both the foods and beverages portfolios that enable me to gain critical experiences. I am then able to take these new capabilities and apply them to various realms within the organization - the options are endless! I have multiple mentors within the company. Some help me on a day to day basis with job-specific tasks, while others assist with my career planning and help guide me as I progress in the company. PepsiCo Canada believes in developing individuals that have breadth, depth, and understand more than just the function they are working in."

Career progression:

  • Business Development Manager (current)
  • Key Account Manager – Restaurants (1 year, 4 months)