Patients Canada

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It's time patients had a say

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Patients Canada is a patient-led organization that fosters collaboration between patients, family caregivers and the healthcare community. Formed in 2011, we help bring the voice of patients and caregivers to healthcare in Canada. Each of us has a story to tell and we want to make our healthcare experiences count.

We work to identify and promote areas where our system is succeeding, as well as to bring the patient and caregiver perspective to areas where we feel its not yet been heard.

We believe patients and caregivers can bring a significantly different and useful perspective to all three levels of the health care system:

  • clinical care
  • service planning
  • policy development

Our Mission

We are a patient-led organization that aims to increase the voice of the patient and families in Canada’s healthcare system.

Work with us

Patients Canada relies on people like you who want to engage meaningfully with our healthcare system to affect change. Our working groups offer you the opportunity to engage with like-minded individuals on issues that matter to you.

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