Concord, Ontario

Sales Development Program

The Sales Development Program (SDP) is a 4-phase program designed to build your knowledge from the ground up, giving you the opportunity to experience every aspect of the business with the end goal of becoming a Sales Representative within our extensive network.

Why Choose the SDP?

  • This opportunity provides you with personalized training and development, comprehensive industry knowledge, and business expertise.
  • We want to help ensure your success in the program. To do this we will partner you with a Noble mentor who will closely monitor and support your development through the program. They will also be available to offer coaching and answer any questions you may have.
  • Following completion of the SDP, you have the opportunity to take your career in your own hands, having your efforts rewarded through uncapped earning potential.

What do the Phases Look Like?

  • Get exposed to the inner workings of our operations department during the first phase of the program. You will learn how product is received, stocked, picked and shipped. Once you understand this process, we will teach you how we route and ship the product to get it in our customers’ hands.
  • Excellent Customer Service is Noble. In the second phase of the program you will work face-to-face with our customers and get hands-on with our products, building your knowledge of our service offerings.
  • In the third phase of the program you will join our inside sales team to build relationships with our customers. You will troubleshoot customer issues, assist them with their orders and provide excellent customer service.
  • After gaining a strong understanding of how our inside sales team operates, you will transition to the fourth and final phase of the program and take on a role in outside sales. You will once again have the opportunity to work face to face with our customers and spend time on the road visiting customers and job sites.
What Does it Take?

In just under 2 years, you’ll gain a lifelong, rewarding career that provides you unlimited personal and professional growth. If you have what it takes, Noble will set you up for success. Are you ready to be a part of the Noble Difference?

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