Ninja9 Productions


For years, we have been producing and editing advertisements for some of Canada's largest companies. We've evolved with the broadcast industry as it moved from standard definition to high-def, and we constantly monitor the hottest trends in both advertising and production.

We get the job done regardless of the scope, budget, or time constraints. The traditional model of production is broken, out-dated, and over-priced. Drop us a line to discover how our unique method to production can save you heaps of money

Everything is digital. Pictures, videos, websites, graphics – they're all digital, and we produce it all.

Specifically with corporate videos, let's face it; most of them are bad, really bad. The music animation, and the overall production quality of the vast majority of videos succeed only in underwhelming the audience. Working and evolving with the advertising industry has allowed us to keep on top of what's sharp, and what elements are needed to keep your videos modern and fresh.

Let us help you document your corporate social responsibility, train your employees, launch your new product. Whatever your digital production needs, we can help.

Designed for small-mid sized companies, our branding package gives your company a complete brand makeover. This package includes a new logo, stationary, business cards, pamphlets, website, company DVD, & video for online streaming. It’s everything you need for a fresh start.

We understand that developing a brand takes way more than a cool logo, website, and video. We work closely with you to ensure your communications are focused on your core company values & objectives so when our work is finished, you hit the ground running. Let our experience help you create a brand image that will stand the test of time