NIȽ TU,O Child and Family Services Society

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Associate Community Services Manager (CSM)

Nov 23, 2018
Saanichton, British Columbia

Exalt HR Consulting is currently recruiting an Associate Community Services Manager (CSM) on behalf of our client NILTU,O Child and Family Services Society. This is a fantastic opportunity for a candidate with strong delegated child protection experience to progress into a management role with NILTU,O.

NILTU,O is a Child and Family Services organization that serves First Nation communities in the Greater Victoria area. It has a unique institutional structure, combining provincial accountability, federal funding, and a measure of operational independence. NILTU,O’s goals are to ensure the safety, protection, and well being of our children in today’s society; working together to maintain the traditional values of the extended family. We strive to help families and children in a respectful, professional, caring and culturally relevant manner. Honesty, integrity, availability, generosity, patience and consistency are all highly valued within NILTU,O. Ultimately, you should be able to act as the face and voice of our brand.

As an Associate Community Services Manager, you will receive mentorship from our Community Services Managers to manage a team of delegated Social Workers, Family Services Workers, and a File Administration team. You will be part of a collaborative team, working alongside designates and staff from the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Your duties will include managing a team of Social Workers that provide Family Services, Voluntary Services, Guardianship Services, and approve and support caregiver homes. You will report directly to the Executive Director. Our work takes place primarily in the Southern Vancouver Island geographic areas.

Previous experience providing delegated Child Protection services is a requirement of this role.



Case Tracking and Administration:

  • Monthly case tracking meetings with Social Workers to review caseload reports and track case progress.
  • Identify and prioritize cases based on CF&CS Act, South Island First Nation protocols and severity of the case and provide monthly updates to the Executive Director.
  • Perform a quarterly review of files and workload and when necessary adjust staff workload to ensure proper caseload balance among the team.
  • Maintain a client feedback process regarding services delivered (i.e. was the family plan developed in a collaborative manner)
  • Authorize expenditures as per signing authority or consult with E.D. to obtain authorization.
  • Ensure Family Plans are maintained, updated and evaluated as per policy.
  • Perform a regular review of referrals and assess their suitability according to the Agency’s program contract specifications.

Clinical Supervision and Consultation:

  • Be available to staff to debrief on cases that have impacted staff/team.
  • Provide clinical direction and support to staff by identifying issues and situations of stress.
  • Provide instructions/direction on case specific information on a regular basis for high profile and complex cases.
  • Provide interpretation of CF&CS Act, Adoptions Act, Young Offenders Act, AOPSI, Chapter Three and other pertinent Provincial and Federal legislation on a regular basis.

Support Staff with Cases:

  • Provide support and direction to ensure family service planning includes a cultural assessment and identification of necessary support services.
  • Participate and attend court as necessary.
  • Assist staff in completion of necessary documents and file management activities.
  • Attend case conferences, Community Practice Circle meetings, family and community planning meetings and First Nations Leadership meeting when required.

Complaint Resolution:

  • Responds to community, client and stakeholder complaints as per policy and protocol.
  • Ensure all complaints are followed up and documented.
  • Attend and participate in conflict resolution process when required.


Staff Supervision – Personnel Management:

  • Authorize and manage staff time and expenditures.
  • Monitor staff leaves of absence and address any absentee issues.
  • Provide the first level of response to resolving staff grievances.
  • Lead monthly team meetings to update staff regarding priorities within the Agency and changes to Agency policy. Communicate expectations regarding job descriptions, work performance and practice standards.
  • Provide probationary reviews with ongoing feedback/Conduct annual Employee Performance Evaluation.
  • In conjunction with H.R. support, lead progressive disciplinary process and provide updates to the Executive Director.

Training & Mentoring:

  • Ensure orientation and training of new staff members.
  • Identify training needs to ensure team members acquire the knowledge and skills and necessary to work effectively.
  • Develop and implement staff training plans based on the Manager’s performance evaluation and client and community feedback.
  • Provide training / mentoring to staff regarding culturally relevant and collaborative practice.
  • As directed by the E.D. ensure that staff participate in cultural training and events.
  • Monitor Regional delegation of Social Workers to ensure that their: enrollment in delegation training, field study programs, and application for delegation are completed.


Community Engagement:

  • Co-ordinate services with other Provincial, Federal and Municipal agencies in the Region.
  • Participate in Community Practice Circle meetings as requested by committee.
  • In consultation with the Executive Director, meet with First Nations Leadership and Administration, and participate in Community events and ceremonies.
  • Provide annual orientation sessions regarding Child and Family Services to Collaborative Team professionals representing other South Island service providers.
  • Provides communication updates regarding staffing and policy changes to External partners
  • Assist the Executive Director with negotiation and development of protocols with First Nations in the Region.
  • Provide input to the development of protocols with various ancillary agencies and stakeholders.


Agency Planning:

  • Participate in short and long term planning and goal setting for the Agency.
  • Attending management and staff meetings.
  • Track and report budget expenditures on a regular basis.
  • Assist in the development or re-design of delegated and non-delegated programs and services.
  • Assist with the development or enhancement of program practice (policies and procedures).

Reporting to Funders:

  • Maintain a sound understanding of Funder contract requirements (i.e. expected programs & service deliverables, and reporting requirements).
  • Track & maintain team Agency service delivery indicators (i.e. client statistics, direct service hours, etc.).
  • Develop a quarterly report on team caseload files and client statistics through aggregation of team data.
  • Respond to a variety of enquiries from the Board and Funders.
  • Assist the E.D. to develop and maintain activity reports for Funders and community.


Education Requirements:

  • MSW, BSW or BA child and Youth Care; or M.ED counseling/MA Clinical Psychology
  • Previous delegated child protection experience is a requirement
  • Candidates must either have or be eligible to immediately attain full C6 delegation
  • An equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered

Technical Experience Requirements:

  • In-depth knowledge of AOPSI and agency’s policies, procedures, and practice manuals
  • In depth knowledge of CFCS Act and other related legislation
  • Knowledge and appreciation of Coast Salish culture and history
  • Experience in working with First Nation communities and aboriginal organizations mandated to provide health, counseling and child and family services


  • Valid Drivers License with no restrictions and a positive driver’s abstract
  • Criminal Record Check
  • Willingness to travel for work related purposes

Technical Skill Requirements:

  • Computer literacy on MS word, Excel , MIS system, Unification
  • Ability to write detailed reports
  • Ability to track and manage financial expenditures
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