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Beer is our passion, our heritage, our future and our corporate culture.

For more than 350 years we’ve been brewing, innovating and delighting the world’s beer drinkers. This is what gets us out of bed in the morning.

A Love of Beer

We create extraordinary brands at breweries from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado in the US to the storied Burton-on-Trent brewery in the UK and the oldest brewery in Montreal, Canada. From our founding families and executive leaders, to our master brewers and our sales teams, we love what we do and we never take it for granted.

A Passion for Building Extraordinary Brands

Our portfolio has more than 65 brands including Coors Light, Molson Canadian, Miller Lite and Carling, as well as craft and specialty beers like Blue Moon, Creemore Springs and Cobra. Ours is a long and successful history of building local and international brands inspired by the insights we gain from talking to our beer drinkers.

A Dedication to Innovation

Our corporate values demand we look for ways to challenge the expected and bring something new and exciting to our beer drinkers. In 1959 we developed the first recyclable aluminum beer can. Today, new, cold-activated bottles and cans bring Coors Light’s Rocky Mountain cold refreshment to life around the world. Carling’s Home Draft allows beer drinkers to bring the great draft taste of the UK’s # 1 lager from the pub into their home. Recently we launched Molson M in Canada, the world’s only microcarbonated lager. We never stop learning from the people who drink our beer and that is what drives our innovation.

A Business Built on Corporate Responsibility

We care about the communities and the places where we brew and market our beers, just like you do. We believe corporate ethics, integrity, respect and accountability have to be a part of everything we do, everywhere we do it or it’s not worth doing. That’s how we do business and it won’t change.

Only the best need apply.

We have two guideposts that help us determine the best candidates:

  • Molson Coors Values
  • Molson Coors Success Factors

Molson Coors Values:

Excelling - Surprising one another, our customers & our business partners by what we achieve.

Passion – Loving to win through our extraordinary brands and the beer moments they create.

Integrity and Respect - Treating everyone as we expect to be treated.

Creativity - Unlocking ideas to make us more competitive; doing the unexpected to challenge the norm.

Quality - Going the extra mile to deliver beyond "expected quality" in everything we do.

Molson Coors Success Factors:

Critical Thinking - Challenges the expected by providing a strategic perspective, taking smart risks and using business acumen to make sound decisions.

Leadership Capability - Demonstrates leadership maturity, self-awareness and courage in adapting to the local, regional and global needs of the business.

Results-Oriented - Takes total accountability for achieving exceptional business results with a sense of urgency.

Talent Management - Inspires, engages and develops others to attain business and personal goals.

Teamwork and Relationships - Thinks about the team first and improves ways of working by linking people, ideas and resources.

How to Apply