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An inclusive company with a diverse background.

We know that to win in the marketplace and in our communities, we must strive to create and support a culture of inclusion among our employees, our suppliers, and our beer drinkers.

Simply put, our company should reflect the wide diversity of the communities where we do business. We're a stronger company with the benefit of diversity in thought, background, ethnicity and lifestyle.

As part of our recruiting efforts, it's important for us to attract, and be an employer of choice across, a diverse talent pool. We foster an inclusive culture and have implemented a number of programs to retain and develop the diverse talent in our global organization. At Molson Coors, we come from many different backgrounds, so our values help to unite us. They guide our decisions and our actions.

Our legacy has left us with a strong set of values.

Corporate responsibility can be as simple or as complicated as companies want to make it. We have a framework for talking about our culture at Molson Coors called "Our Brew" and we developed Our Beer Print as part of that culture to make corporate responsibility easier to understand and more relevant.

Our beer print

The simple story of Our Beer Print – Every time a beer is picked up there is a beer print left behind. Wherever we brew and sell our beer we leave a beer print on our communities, on our environment and on our business. At Molson Coors we want to grow our positive Beer Print and shrink our negative Beer Print. It helps guide purchasing decisions, company goals, community partnerships, employee engagement and profit. It helps drive our business.

In particular, we want to grow Our Beer Print in five key areas:

Governance and Ethics banner

Governance and Ethics

Be ethical and accountable in our business practices.

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Alcohol Responsibility banner

Alcohol Responsibility

Make quality products that we advertise and sell responsibly.

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Environmental Stewardship Banner

Environmental Stewardship

Brew and package our products with care for the environment.

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Employees and Community banner

Employees and Community

Support the development, engagement and wellness of our people and invest in the communities where we live and work.

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Responsible Sourcing banner

Responsible Sourcing

Extend our best practices throughout our supply chain.

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