McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd.

Edmonton, Alberta

McElhanney Land Surveys Ltd. provides surveying and mapping services to the forestry, petroleum and mining sectors, construction industry, municipal, provincial and federal governments, highways, international land reform and the telecommunication industry. Affiliated companies include McElhanney Geomatics - Land Surveying Ltd. (British Columbia Land Surveyors) and McElhanney Land Surveys (Alta.) Ltd. (Alberta Land Surveyors).

The Art of the Advantage
In every country, on every continent, those who would prosper have sought to understand the science of strategy - what the great swordsman Miyamoto Musashi called "The Art of the Advantage."

McElhanney provides "The Advantage" because we do what we say we will do. As a private company wholly owned and managed by a group of senior employees, our firm is an established surveying and mapping company with a reputation for reliability, innovation and guaranteed service. We have completed a variety of projects in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, the Yukon and the Northwest Territories.