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Agile Coach

Toronto, Ontario
Early Career


Why Work With Us:

At LoyaltyOne, we are problem solvers who love the challenge of the riddle. We help find solutions without being asked. We have an ingrained streak of determination and don't settle for good enough. We are passionate about shaping shopper behavior and we care deeply about giving back to the communities around us.

About us:

Today, there are more ways than ever to engage shoppers. At LoyaltyOne, we believe that understanding the people behind the purchase is key to winning their hearts – and their wallets.

For over two decades and from more than fifty locations around the globe, we have paired expertise in shopper behavior with advanced analytics to uncover the data-driven insights that drive successful loyalty, marketing and merchandising solutions.

Across AIR MILES, BrandLoyalty, Precima and Global Solutions, our businesses help some of the world's leading retailers connect with consumers and deliver more value in every visit. Regardless of their role or geographic location, our people are always supported by one of the best teams around. At LoyaltyOne, we know that in coming together we are at our strongest – and that together we can help shape the future for our clients, their shoppers and our communities.

LoyaltyOne is an Alliance Data company. For more information, visit www.loyalty.com

What you will do:

  • Improve product/service delivery in the Data Hub work stream. You must sustain capability to deliver, know the capability quantitatively and be able to pursue and validate improvements. This role focuses on the flow of work, maintains customer focus amongst their teams and takes and encourages acts of leadership.
  • Lead, support and motivate delivery and support teams in the adoption and acceptance of work flow via Lean, Kanban and other thinking tools and practices required to improve delivery of customer value.
  • Design a system with an understanding of the changes needed to bring robustness and adaptability to the service.
  • As a systems thinker, work within a complex network of interdependent services, lead and improve in a service-oriented fashion.
  • Understand customer first and focus on their needs, expectations and satisfaction levels.
  • Understand how customer needs cascade through the network of interdependent services and how to pursue organizational vs. localized improvements
  • Perform Service Delivery Manager Duties: liaise with leadership, identify and support the removal of blockers, report on issues, recommend solutions, assist teams in grooming/prioritizing work through practices, work agreements and explicit rules.
  • Apply quantitative and/or qualitative assessment methods to objectively evaluate the current delivery capabilities and compare them to customer fitness criteria. This includes:
    • Customer selection criteria, process health indicators and improvement drivers
    • Visualize data on the current delivery capabilities
    • Analyze data to identify improvement opportunities
  • Assist teams in implementing solutions and relevant tools to address service delivery improvements as well as quality/performance outliers.
  • Assist teams in defining process changes to incorporate good practices into current processes.
  • Report to Senior Management on service delivery capability and improvements (Kanban Operations Review).
  • Facilitate quality, service and team dynamics improvement sessions.
  • Support organizational change management to ensure successful adoption and stickiness of new ways of working.


  • You would describe yourself as having:
    • Minimum of 5 years experience in software development management
    • Minimum of 3-5 years experience in applying agile
    • Experience in analyzing processes quantitively
  • Certification: Kanban Management Professional (KMP) preferred
  • Applying for this position means you are:
    • Passionate about delivering products and services to customers and improving the process
    • A self-starter, possessing a high degree of self-motivation
    • An experienced problem solver with a passion for continuous improvement
    • Open minded, creative, courageous to ask the tough questions

Interesting perks at LoyaltyOne:

  • High impact role with interesting challenge
  • Flexible hours and strong work life balance
  • Subsidized catered bistro café
  • Great health and wellness benefits
  • One of the highest performing companies in the market (NYSE: ADS)

Alliance Data is an Equal Employment Opportunity employer. Accordingly, we will make reasonable accommodations to respond to the needs of people with disabilities in accordance with legislation.

Alliance Data participates in E-Verify.


is part of the successful Alliance Data family of companies that provide the full range of data-driven loyalty, marketing and credit solutions in more than 80 locations across the globe.

Working with more than 100 leading brands in the retail, financial services, grocery, petroleum retail, travel and hospitality industries to profitably change customer behavior. Through a team of businesses, including one of the leading coalition loyalty programs in the world, the AIR MILES® Reward Program, LoyaltyOne designs, delivers and manages a suite of services focused on consumer data, customer-centric retail strategies, direct-to-consumer marketing, loyalty consulting and more.

LoyaltyOne has broadened its horizons geographically by growing Precima in the European market. With the recent acquisition of BrandLoyalty in the Netherlands, LoyaltyOne has gained the expertise of a global leader in short-term loyalty campaigns, along with a client network that extends throughout Europe and Asia.