Tantallon, Nova Scotia

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Canada's first 100% paperless accounting firm

LiveCA is a full-service accounting firm which enables business owners to conduct face-to-face online meetings with their own chartered accountant.

Our goal is to help our clients shift towards a digital platform, reducing dependence on paper documents and freeing up their time.

Our employees work in the cloud and hold all our meetings on Skype. Our clients are in every province across Canada and you'll quickly become accustomed to our national time zones.

Entrepreneurs are always on the go and are looking for an accounting team that speaks their language, understands their tech & day-to-day challenges and provides exceptional, timely service.


What are we looking for?

The cut of your suit isn't important to us as we completely embrace the jeans/t-shirt combo. It's all about the work and getting things done.

We can't stress enough how important timely client service is. As such, we're not your traditional 9-5 job and expect you to be accessible, wherever you'll be. At the same time, you'll be free to work within your own schedule so long as the work gets done.

With no in-office face-time and the responsibility of dealing directly with the client, we're going to really need to trust you - which is why we've built-in a 3 month probationary period combined with 6-8 weeks of on-site training at our location in Tantallon, NS.

Interested in working for LiveCA? Check us out online, but more importantly, apply if you think you're the right fit.


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