Locations across Ontario

Founded in 1971, Leisureworld Caregiving Centres has 26 long term care homes dotting communities all across the province - from the busy metropolitan centers of Toronto and its surrounding regions to the serene landscapes of Muskoka and North Bay. With approximately 4300 beds and 5000 employees, Leisureworld is a leader in providing quality care and creating an environment where residents and clients enjoy life to the fullest.

The word 'institution' doesn't fit here. The term 'nursing home' is also yesterday's news. If you're expecting snoring and boring, you've come to the wrong place. Because at Leisureworld Caregiving Centres, we've made it our mission to understand the things that make life truly worth living as people age. Unlike many long-term care homes which are modeled on sterile hospitals, there's an undeniable buzz here. You'll feel it on a massage therapy table. Under a patio umbrella. Over a game of Wii. Even during Tai Chi class. We put our residents smack dab in the middle of a connected, caring community of friends, family, services and care providers.