Legacy Pioneers - uBuddy

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(Virtual Role) Global University Ambassador

Nov 02, 2019
Across Canada
Entry Level

The Opportunity

Let’s connect students and colleges from around the world! Join our US-based fast-growing start-up to help bridge these connections right from the comfort of your own room! 

  • Earn a competitive salary of CAD$15
  • Work virtually with flexible hours
  • Peak client hours are generally on Friday and Saturday evenings
  • Jump start your career globally
  • Build strong communication and on-the-job training skills PLUS get paid!

The Assignment

As a Legacy Pioneers - uBuddy Ambassador, you will be matched with clients(s) from across the world (currently starting in Asia, the US, Australia and Canada) over a virtual platform to serve as a “friend” to help them learn more effective communication skills and/or to grow, learn and succeed in their future college experience. Experienced Ambassadors will have an opportunity to become a future industry representative and earn even more. You can make your own schedule and use Legacy Pioneers resources for the interactions - it’s simple, fun and rewarding!

On-the-Job Training

In addition, select high-performing uBuddy Ambassadors will be offered opportunities to work directly with Legacy Pioneers’ Management Team to learn and practice both hard and soft skills that are highly valued in the workplace by most global companies. Again, this opportunity allows you to work in a fun and virtual team environment, all from the comfort of your own room, with great flexibility in your schedule.

This truly is a fantastic opportunity if you are engaging, self-motivated and appreciate working with students in a cross-cultural eco-system, and at the same time, want to acquire valuable business and technical skills, to help you better succeed in the future workplace. If you consider yourself a lifelong learner and are excited about the use of technology to connect the world, then this is a perfect match!

Why Join Legacy Pioneers as a uBuddy Ambassador

  • The Ambassador Network is a “life-long” membership that offers meaningful value throughout your entire education and career journey
  • Potential access to Legacy Pioneers’ career and professional network of both start-ups as well as leading Fortune Global 500 companies 
  • Work directly with senior company executives, entrepreneurs, and experienced professionals to develop Legacy Pioneers’ Programs
  • Legacy Pioneers uBuddy Ambassador position is a “multiplier” of any part-time or full-time position
  • Flexible work hours (a minimum of 4 hours to maximum of 20 hours per week based on your schedule)
  • Limited to no travel outside of campus is required.
  • Select high performers may attend 1-2 weeks Ambassador Tour in Asia to broaden their professional and social network across the globe. Countries visited may include Hong Kong, Mainland China, Taiwan, Singapore, India, etc.

General Qualifications for Legacy Pioneers uBuddy Ambassador Positions

  • Comfortable working virtually with non-native English-speaking, middle school, high school and college students across the globe to inspire and motivate them to learn, explore and realize their potential and dreams
  • Confident in using video-chat and video-conferencing to work with customers, project teams, partners and company executives
  • Demonstrate ability to understand and facilitate client session topics and be able to positively influence behavior change
  • Ability to deal with ambiguity and able to inspire others to think, dream and take action
  • Highly-adaptable and coachable in a demanding virtual environment where we focus on Responsiveness, Action and Deliverables
  • Strong time management and effective communication in working with people from multiple global time-zones
  • Excellent work attitude with positive energy and influence towards global working teams and customers
  • Demonstrate ability to explore, learn and quickly adapt to new technological applications and tools
  • Demonstrate keen interest in understanding Asian and international-student communities with a strong appreciation of people with different cultural backgrounds
  • Strong passion and interest to pursue a career that targets global and Asian markets
  • Strong interpersonal skills
  • Community minded; strong desire to help international students succeed


  • Minimum commitment to work for one year but a longer commitment is preferred

To Apply

Submit on TalentEgg or you may also email Yonnie Leung at yonnie.leung@legacypioneers.com with any questions.