Internship - Full Stack Developer - Next.js and Azure Bot Framework

Oct 24, 2021
Across Canada

We're looking to hire quickly for this position, so please reach out ASAP.

We're, publishers of foreign language phrasebooks and dictionaries - soon to be available in 30 different languages.

If you have traveled abroad and tried to use traditional foreign language phrasebooks, you know that the biggest draw back is trying to determine the correct pronunciation of an unfamiliar foreign language from written hints alone.

Our books (print and ebook) are unique in that they allow users to instantly hear native speakers pronouncing each word and phrase, on demand, by connecting their phrasebook to the messaging app they already use (like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, and Wechat). 

Users simply scan a QR code provided in the book to add Jangobot, our chatbot, as a contact in their messaging app. Users can then ask Jangobot to play recordings of any of the 3,000 words and phrases in their phrasebook. 

We are seeking a full stack developer with significant React and Next.js experience to help build a relatively complicated web property over the course of a 6 month internship. 

Over the course of 6 months you will be responsible for:

 -working with our graphic designers and implementing their designs in Next.js

-zealously employing front end best practices to make sure the website is highly performant and optimized for search engine discovery. 

-taking our database of 90,000 written translations and audio recordings and publishing the entries to our website to create an online dictionary site to attract organic traffic. 

-configuring Next.js Commerce to integrate with Shopify for direct to consumer sales of our print and ebooks. 

-developing the infrastructure to support automated “word of the day” email campaigns for all 30 languages (repurposing our database of translations and recordings yet again). 

-working to develop and optimize chatbot sign up and user flow. 

-working to develop internal user profiles (so we can track phrasebook purchases and "word of the day" subscriptions for use in future marketing campaigns). 

-collaborating with external contractors, as needed, to fill in gaps in knowledge.

Note this position may be funded with a Digital Skills for Youth wage subsidy. Thus all candidates must be:

-unemployed or underemployed post-secondary graduates.

- 30 years old or under at the start of the internship.

- legally entitled to work in Canada.

How to Apply