Labstat International ULC

Kitchener, ON

Driven by quality of science and quality of service Labstat International ULC. is recognized as “a centre of analytical excellence” producing high quality results and reports beyond the standard tests.

Established in 1976 as a tobacco characterization laboratory, Labstat has evolved into a globally recognized analytical laboratory dedicated to tobacco testing, tobacco research and development, and tobacco analysis for regulatory reporting and labeling. Labstat is independent of any affiliation or association with government agencies, advocacy groups or the tobacco industry.

Labstat is a full-service analytical laboratory maintaining a 31,500 square foot facility with capabilities that include Hoffmann analyte testing, in-vitro toxicology testing, and tobacco specific biomonitoring. Our clients are international and include tobacco interests from: major tobacco manufacturers, research interests (university and private), and federal and state governments.

One of our core corporate principles is to continuously improve the services we provide and further our knowledge of the science of tobacco. We believe that this principle and an investment in a well trained staff, quality system, facilities and equipment realizes our corporate goal to be a leader in the industry and “a centre of analytical excellence” in tobacco science.