Johnson Matthey

Toronto, Ontario

Our people

We try to promote internally from within Johnson Matthey and encourage all our employees to achieve their full career potential. We are proud of our low levels of labour turnover and the high degree of personal loyalty which our employees show to the company.

To keep our businesses growing and to provide our customers with the services and products they need, we're looking for ambitious and versatile graduates to join us in roles such as:

  • Research and Technology
  • Development and Production
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Finance, HR and IT

What We're Looking For

We've identified four key qualities that will help graduates and second jobbers make the most of their careers at Johnson Matthey.

Learning Potential

High academic calibre and the potential to progress to the forefront of your discipline and develop a broad range of high level skills.

Effective Communication

An ability to win people over, express ideas clearly in spoken and written form and work effectively in multidisciplinary teams.

Personal Values

Respect for others and a commitment and enthusiasm for high standards and continuous improvement.


The get-up-and-go to take on responsibility and to lead.

But this is a two way dynamic: if you have the qualities we're looking for, we want to help you develop your potential and understand our business. Our Business Training Programme will equip you with a solid foundation of business awareness, technical knowledge and personal skills.

Join our team today!