Community Programs

HSBC Bank Canada’s community investment activities are part of HSBC’s global, comprehensive commitment to sustainability. We work with leading charities to support projects with a focus on education, the environment and children’s health.

We aim to help young people reach their potential through access to education and entrepreneurship programs. Examples of HSBC-supported programs that are aimed at post-secondary students include:

  1. HSBC Indigenous Business Award - Indspire
  2. The HSBC Indigenous Business Award supports Indigenous post-secondary students who are studying business at universities across Canada.

    Visit Indspire for more information.

  3. HSBC International Business Award - 10 Canadian Universities
  4. The HSBC International Business Award is available at 10 Canadian universities to support students studying abroad. Students are chosen on the basis of academic achievement, leadership and financial need related to the additional costs of completing studies abroad.

    Take a look at our news release to find a list of participating schools. Students at those schools can contact their financial awards office for more information.

  5. HSBC Women's Leadership Program - Enactus Canada
  6. The HSBC Women’s Leadership Program recognizes female Enactus students who exemplify success and inspire their peers, community and country through entrepreneurial leadership. Six finalists receive a financial award and project grant for their Enactus team. From these six finalists, one will be named the HSBC Woman Leader of Tomorrow at the Enactus Canada National Exposition, and will receive an additional financial award and grant. HSBC employees also participate as volunteer mentors to the six finalists.

    Visit the Enactus Website for more information.

  7. HSBC Indigenous Advancement Project - Enactus Canada
  8. The HSBC Indigenous Advancement Project supports six Enactus teams developing projects focused on the advancement of Indigenous people in Canada. Each participating Enactus team receives a project grant to support the delivery of their project. From these teams, one will be presented with the “Best Project” award at the Enactus Canada National Exposition. HSBC employees also participate as volunteer mentors to the six teams.

    Visit the Enactus Website for more information.

For more information, read the HSBC Bank in Canada in the Community Report