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The Community Culture

Located in friendly, accessible and diverse Toronto (the fourth largest city in North America), HOEM is a community within a community. Just steps away from the vibrant culture of Toronto’s nightlife, food, music and more – you’ll never run out of things to do in the city.

There are loads of opportunities to get involved in the community, meet people, learn new things, explore Toronto and volunteer. And if you are looking for something more, there’s always things happening at HOEM. From cooking classes, to yoga, artistic endeavours and unexpected outings – it’s so much more than just a place to stay – HOEM is the place to live!



HOEM is about community, helping each other out and sharing support and encouragement. HOEM provides residents with the opportunity to get involved around the building, organizing events and offering support to fellow residents. But we also believe that it’s important to take this belief outside the walls of 186 Jarvis and bring it to a wider audience. HOEM can set you up with volunteer opportunities that suit your interests, while allowing you to give back to the community you’ll be calling home for the school year. HOEM also organizes on-site fundraising events like food drives that create a tangible sense of community and belonging.



For those times when you don’t want to be a HOEMbody, we’re here for you. HOEM always has stuff going on, with events and workshops being put on by the HOEM team and our residents themselves. HOEM also keeps residents up-to-date with events in the community and key dates throughout the summer. Beyond just the HOEM, Toronto offers up exciting (and often free) events that give you a taste – sometimes literally – of what the city is all about. HOEM also keeps you informed about important events, fundraisers, concerts, speakers and more. HOEM will also help you keep track of key dates that are a little less exciting but vital for incoming residents to know (move in days, office hours, holidays and more)


Building Team

Meet your HOEMies, the Building Team at 186 Jarvis. These are the smart, practical, handy people who are experts at adulting. Something broken, making a weird noise or not flushing? Place a work order and the maintenance staff can fix it. Oh, and why does everything look so clean and presentable and there are no weird imprints of body parts on the windows in the common areas? That would be your housekeeping HOEMies taking care of business. And the person keeping it all together and running smoothly? The GM (general manager.

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