Gretchen & Co.

Toronto, Ontario

Welcome to , a high end children's clothing store that carries top European designer clothing. With exquisite designs and unique fabrics, each item is hand selected for the clothing's beauty and craftsmanship by Gretchen and Co.'s proprietor, Silke Rampf, as she travels the globe searching for the best children's clothing.

Our philosophy is simple: we believe in a land of unusual colours, incredible details and sumptuous fabrics. Gretchen & Co. carries fashion forward pieces that maintain a balance between contemporary and timeless designs.

A visit to the store offers shoppers the opportunity to get their hands on some highly sought out brands in Toronto, such as Bonpoint. This selective approach to fashion is maintained through each season, as each collection is carefully researched for its simplicity, utility and overall design. This high-end clothing is of the best quality and will no doubt make your little one feel like the belle of the ball. Your little prince, too, can be clothed to perfection is these top-of-the-line, enviable collections.