Feasibility Study Consultant

Sep 24, 2019
Toronto, Ontario
Request for Proposals for a Feasibility Study

Project Overview

G(irls)20 is seeking a qualified independent consulting firm for the purposes of conducting a feasibility study for our organization. We are looking for a partner who is experienced with planning and conducting a feasibility study on social enterprise opportunities for small not-for-profit organizations, and is familiar with the gender, diversity & inclusion sector. The plan should assess
the market opportunities for social enterprise opportunities and provide recommendations with a high-level strategy to maximize the launch of a revenue-generating enterprise at G(irls)20. A project budget, timeline and action items should be clearly identified.

Programming, Events & Advocacy:
Our Global Summit project has operated since 2010. We have achieved progress by getting key G20 stakeholders into the room with our young women. (E.g.: in December 2017, G(irls)20 participants had a special roundtable with Canada’s G7 Sherpa). G(irls)20 has also pushed internationally; in 2014 and 2018, the result of our advocacy was reflected in the G20 Leaders’ Communiques. In terms of on-the-ground impact, of our 200 alumni,
approximately 80 have launched their own social initiatives which are through our leadership programming.

With the support of Status of Women Canada, G(irls)20 launched Girls on Boards in 2017. This project, offered nationally to women aged 18-25, provides participants the skills (governance training and GBA+ training), networks (coaches, mentors and peer networks) and opportunities (a 1-year placement on a community governance board) to influence decision-making spaces. 70% of participants identified as “racialized” and/or Indigenous in 2018, and the project served young women in 5 provinces. The project leans on other non-profit organizations, including girls’ organizations who support outreach and the multitude of NPOs who sign up their boards to participate.

G(irls)20 is regularly asked to send delegations of program participants to larger events, including Women’s Forum for the Economy and Women Political Leaders Summit. In the past two years, G(irls)20 has been asked to join relevant advisory councils, including: W20, UN Women We Empower Program, and SWC's GBA+ Roundtable Advisory Committee. 

Scaling up

In 2019 G(irls)20 has been awarded a four-year grant by the Department for Women and Gender Equality to build capacity, that is to invest in the opportunities that will enable G(irls)20 to scale and work towards greater sustainability. We have two high-level goals for this grant: 

1. Develop and launch an advocacy strategy targeting government and corporate sector policies

2. Pursue diversified fundraising strategy with launch of social enterprise

G(irls)20 has been presented with two opportunities to pursue as potential social enterprises. In the first phase, we will pursue a feasibility study to ascertain the market demand for each option. We will continue into the following phases with the option that is financially viable for G(irls)20.

Option 1) Our successful Girls on Boards project includes a GBA+ training tailored to governance board work. Over the past year, we have been repeatedly approached to offer this workshop, at cost, to other non-profit boards or corporate boards. Currently, we lack the organizational
bandwidth to train additional facilitators and edit the training for this audience. We believe this – or other leadership or diversity & inclusion content – could be a viable social enterprise model.

Option 2) At the same time, our brand has seen incredible interest over the last year. By promoting the ‘stuff we all get’ (swag) created for our program participants, we often receive requests to purchase these items. They are branded with sayings such as “Ceilings Won’t Shatter Themselves” and “#YoungFemaleLeaders” on notebooks, water bottles and t-shirts. In order to sell these atscale, we assume we must pursue a relationship with an online vendor that is financially beneficial to both parties. This is the second option we will explore as part of a feasibility study.

Option 3) Based on the selected consultant’s research, a third viable option can be presented to G(irls)20. Informed by market research, the consultant will advise on a third profitable option for a social enterprise.

Study Objectives

Our goal in conducting a feasibility study is to determine whether any of these options are viable for an organization of our size and reach. The feasibility study report should address the following:

• Market opportunities for all options across Western Canada, Ontario and Eastern Canada
• Operational capacity to pursue all options
• Financial potential to generate revenue for G(irls)20
• Recommended high-level business models for all options
• Financial viability of proposed business models
• Identification of potential partners and suppliers
• Legal considerations, including regulations, charity-standing, IP, etc.

Intellectual Property

Ownership and copyright of all data, drafts and final products will be the sole and exclusive property of G(irls)20, subject to its contractual agreements with Department for Women and Gender Equality.

Proposal Requirements

Firm Information

Provide firm’s name, address, website URL and telephone number. Include name, title and e-mail address of the individual who will serve as firm’s primary contact. Include a brief description and history of your firm.

Experience and References

Proposals should include a list of 3-5 references for similar projects that your firm has completed. Please indicate organizations that are similar in size or mandate to G(irls)20.

Project Approach

Please explain your project approach, style and process. We welcome additions to the study objectives outlined above.

Schedule and Timeline

Proposals should include the proposed work schedule, timeline and deliverables resulting from the feasibility study. The contract is expected to begin in October 2019 and should be completed by February 1, 2020.


Total fees and expenses: Up to $17,500 CAD (including tax) is assigned for all work associated with the contract. The vendor should develop a budget for completing the milestones as outlined in this RFP by clearly allocating expenses and daily rate.

Provide Biographies of Key Staff

Please include a summary of job title and experience of all key staff involved.
Application Instruction

How to Apply

Please contact Evelyn Chan, Senior Officer, Fund Development and Operations with any questions you may have regarding the project at evelyn.chan@girls20.org.

Please submit your proposal to: Evelyn Chan at Evelyn.Chan@girls20.org

Key Dates
We would like to conclude the feasibility study by February 1, 2020. The preliminary schedule is as follows:
Request for Proposals Issued – August 26, 2019
Proposals Due – September 23, 2019
Evaluation process
Interviews Conducted
Contract signed & Payment #1 (20%) – October 15, 2019
Preliminary meeting with G(irls)20 staff – October 15, 2019
Workback signed off by G(irls)20 – October 30, 2019
Update provided – December 1, 2019
Payment #2 (30%) – December 1, 2019
Draft report - January 15, 2020
Completed report – February 1, 2020
Payment #3 (50%) – February 1, 2020 upon submission of repo

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