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Ottawa, Ontario
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Culture and Values

Our culture is founded on trust and collaboration, as well as top performers who challenge the status quo.

Everything we do is designed to create an environment where your career will thrive. We encourage initiative, personal accountability and a diverse workplace. We create working opportunities with other colleagues and empower you to look for ways to improve our business.

Diversity is vital to our success

With today’s changing demographics and our own representation in places such as Brazil, China, India, Poland, Malaysia and Mexico, our success in supporting Canadian exporters depends on building a culture of collaboration that integrates varied skills and perspectives. We are committed to a corporate culture that is open to ethnic and professional diversity.

Our respect for diversity and for each other is more than just talk; it is firmly entrenched in the policies that provide the structure for our workplace environment and enables us to tap into the skills of knowledgeable and insightful people who will enrich your career.

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A career choice you can feel good about

We help Canadian exporters reach their goals in ways that are sustainable, from environmental, human rights and lending perspectives. We go beyond the expected to help build business strategies that benefit all stakeholders.

These are the principles that form the foundation for the way we do business:

  • We consider the environmental impacts of our business.
  • We conduct our business with honesty, integrity and fairness.
  • We balance public accountability with customer confidentiality.
  • We are active – both corporately and individually – in our communities.
  • We create a climate that supports employee performance and development.
Employment Equity

All of our employees have an equal opportunity to succeed based solely on their abilities. We have a zero tolerance for discrimination and harassment.

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