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Our Structure

We’re one company, but we’re organised into a number of divisions that focus on different areas of our business.

We’re also associated with Hult International Business School, an independent, not-for-profit business school as well as an independent not-for-profit exchange program – EF Foundation – and an insurance company, Erika Insurance.

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EF Language and Schools
  • EF English Live
  • EF Local English Language Centers
  • EF Local English Language Centers for Kids
  • EF International Language Campuses
  • EF Corporate Solutions
  • EF Academy – International Boarding Schools
  • EF EdTech
EF Cultural Exchange
  • EF High School Exchange Year
  • Cultural Care Au Pair
EF Educational Travel
  • EF Explore America
  • EF Educational Tours
  • EF College Study Tours
  • EF Ultimate Break
  • EF Go Ahead Tours
EF Real Estate Holdings
  • EF Campus and School Properties
  • EF Office Properties
  • EF Hotel and Residential Properties
Associated organizations
  • Hult International Business School, Graduate School
  • Hult International Business School, Undergraduate School
  • Hult International Business School, Ashridge Executive Education

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