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Accommodation Coordinator

Vancouver, British Columbia
Entry Level, Early Career

Homestay is a vital part of our international student experience. Our Accommodation Coordinators support the Housing Manager to recruit and maintain a cohort of suitable host families for our international students. When not recruiting new host families, this entry level recruitment and customer service position requires working in the accommodation department on campus to support our international students in aspects relating to their accommodation. All positions at EF International Language Campus require equal competence in interpersonal as well as administrative skills. All staff members in the accommodation & student services department are required to guide, support, and counsel our students as well as troubleshoot issues in a friendly and professional manner, as well as with host families and residence staff affiliated with the campus. In addition, all staff including the directors work from their own desks to meet duties and responsibilities relevant to their department and also share a portion of the general student service responsibilities including supporting during student arrival/intakes, school events and graduations as well as taking the emergency phone a few times per year. 

Preferred Qualifications and Competencies: 

  • Fluency in English and at least conversational fluency in one other language (Spanish, Japanese, Korean or French) 
  • Proactive problem solving and conflict resolution abilities 
  • Awareness and appreciation of cultural differences
  • Flexible and able to re-prioritize as needed 
  • A cheerful and caring personality to liaise with students as well as host families and other relevant student service and accommodation suppliers
  • Ability to work independently and use own initiative to meet weekly/monthly goals and as part of a team
  • Exceptional organization skills, with a strong attention to detail and ability to multitask 


  • Drivers' license and access to a vehicle approx. 100 days per year 

Accommodation Coordinator Responsibilities: 
• Allocates host families in the Host Family Allocation app for confirmed upcoming students 
• Allocates residence beds in the Residence Allocation app for confirmed upcoming students 
• Assists the Housing Manager in recruitment efforts, events and evaluation of new & existing host families; including visiting potential new host families
• Supports Housing Manager with student queries, evaluations and proactively problem solves 
• Counsels and supports students dealing with culture shock and generally liaises between students and host families
• Responds to emails from global EF sales coordinators
• Monitors feedback of students in current host families and works with Housing Manager (and School Director) to make recommendations
• Maintains sections of the monthly newsletter for Host Families
• Initiates meet and greets/socials for students living in the Residences
• Supports maintaining the Arrival List by calling host families in the week prior to arriving students to confirm students' arrival times 

General Shared Administrative Responsibilities: 
• Assists checking in new students and provides orientation and campus tours 
• Conducts face to face evaluations for newly arriving students (larger intakes), inputs evaluation into student file, problem solves any issues and/or assigns student case to relevant team member
• Mentors a small group of Academic Year (6, 9 and 11 mo) students; sets up group or mini group event (within set budget) 
• Participates and supports as needed in school events, large intakes of new students and graduations and supports generally as required within the team
• Take emergency phone as required** 
* Depending on the month and operational requirements of the school and department, duties can shift slightly. Recruitment efforts are prioritized in the spring months leading up to summer. During summer, duties shift more towards host family retention and student support as well as student counseling within in the accommodation department. 

To apply, please submit a resume with a cover letter addressed to the attention of: Housing Manager