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Life Insurance Advisor

Toronto, Ontario
Early Career

Life Insurance Advisor

About Us

DFSIN Financial Centers are supported by the financial stability of Desjardins Insurance*, an arm of the Desjardins Group - the largest financial cooperative group in Canada with assets of more than $260 billion**.  Desjardins Group was ranked first in North America in Bloomberg’s World's 20 Strongest Banks in 2015.

Our strategic alliance with Desjardins Insurance contributes to the sustained growth of our network. It allows us to rank as a leading distributor in Canada's financial services industry.

*Desjardins Insurance refers to Desjardins Financial Security Life Assurance Company, a provider of life and health insurance and retirement savings products.

**Financial reporting as at December 31, 2015

Our financial centre is searching for a life insurance advisor to join our team.

The Profession

The role of a financial security advisor involves meeting with people to put a plan in place to help them achieve their dreams of a home, enjoyable leisure time and having an active retirement. Advisors also offer solutions to protect their clients from financial loss due to accident or disease, and ensure a family’s financial security when an income earner dies. It is important work.

The Industry

As a professional, your service to the public is financial security planning. As a business person, you have to market and promote yourself in your community as any other professional service provider in order to meet potential clients. With Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network we provide you a business model that is balanced between independence and team support.

People with these qualities have enjoyed success:

  1. Sociable – people are drawn to you and conversations are easy
  2. Problem solvers – no one goes looking for problems, but when they come along you can handle them
  3. Professional – whether or not you’re in a suit, you do what you say you’re going to do
  4. Good time management – there will be many demands on your time; you can determine the right balance between time spent on your revenue generation and other business tasks
  5. Active listener – great speakers are idolized but great listeners are forever cherished. You are able to listen to a person then offer them financial solutions at the heart of their concerns 

A life insurance licence is required but we will help qualified applicants attain it. This position is 100 percent commission based.

What This Career Opportunity Provides You

A career as a financial security advisor offers you flexible work hours, varied tasks, freedom to choose clients and areas of professional development in which you wish to specialize. We also offer:


  • A five-day in-class new advisor sales training program – and continued coaching at the financial centre in which you will be located
  • On-going mentoring through joint client appointments accompanied by a senior financial services advisor
  • Regular product-specific presentations detailing how to best explain product benefits to potential clients

Business Building

  • Access to products from multiple insurers giving you the confidence to offer the best financial solutions to your clients
  • Dedicated marketing consultants provide support in advertising, client seminars, web/social media. Design layout, text editing and compliance verification are part of the service offer
  • A personalized monthly web-based newsletter for clients/prospects
  • Turn-key lead generation programs based on current consumer interests in the marketplace

About Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network
At his home in Lévis, Quebec, Alphonse Desjardins (1854 - 1920) met with a small group of fellow citizens and presented his idea for a “people's bank.” The goal was to provide financial services to working families. On December 6, 1900, they opened their doors for the first time.

Today, Desjardins Group is the largest financial cooperative in Canada, ranked the second strongest financial institution in the world by Bloomberg (2014). Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network (DFSIN) is a national network of financial advisors specializing in life and health insurance and investments. Together with its counterpart SFL Partner of Desjardins Financial Security in Quebec and New Brunswick, the network has more than 1,500 financial advisors present in almost all parts of the country. It is the preferred distributor of products and services for Desjardins Insurance.1 More information on

We thank all candidates, however, only those under consideration will be contacted. We are an equal opportunity employer.