Toronto, ON
Creststreet is an investment management firm specializing in structuring and managing high quality energy focused investment products for Canadian and International institutional and high net worth investors. Since its inception in 2000, Creststreet has raised over $970 million for investment in the energy related companies.

It is Creststreet’s mission to be the top performing energy focused investment manager by achieving:
  • Top ranked investment performance
  • Superior client service
  • Highly efficient and effective back office operation and administration
Creststreet’s energy investment management business is founded on the basic principle that energy supply is going to become an increasingly important issue facing the global economy now and in the decades ahead.
Western economies have enjoyed years of surplus energy supplies and steady to falling energy prices in real terms. It is apparent that global demand for energy is growing at such a rate that energy from all sources, whether it is crude oil, natural gas or electrical power, will become progressively tighter in supply in the years ahead. New sources of energy are becoming more difficult and expensive to find, develop and produce. As a result, all sources of energy will become increasingly more scarce and valuable commodities, and we believe the long-term investments in most facets of the energy sector will perform very well in the years ahead.

As a leading energy investment management firm in Canada, Creststreet is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the best energy investment opportunities by leveraging our extensive knowledge of the natural gas, crude oil and renewable energy sectors to create long-term value for our investors.
Creststreet’s strategic plan is to leveraging its industry leading expertise, strong performance track record and well regarded brand name, to become a leading energy focused hedge fund manager in Canada.
Creststreet plans to grow its assets under management to over $1 billion in the next three years.