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Web Designer/ Web Developer Volunteer - Life For Lives Community Action Centre

Sep 27, 2020
York (Del Ray / Keelsdale / Mount Dennis / Silverthorne), Ontario

Life For Lives Community Action Centre is a non-governmental organization based in Toronto, Ontario, founded in 2015, which develops actions in the social and emotional care of individuals, investing in promoting the capacities of people in situations of social vulnerability. We are a 100% volunteer based organization. Developing and multiplying social welfare actions in an integrated and multicultural way. Legally it is a civil association of private law with no economic purpose, of a social, educational and sustainable nature. 

If you share a similar vision while having both the skills and innovation in web development, then this organization may be the perfect fit for you!

We curently have a website hosted by SHOPIFY. However, we are open to change the hosting company according to the professional's preferance. We are looking for a professional that can work as a part-time volunteer for our organization and transform our website to an efficient and proffesional looking website. 

Job Responsabilities: 


  • You must be friendly, personable and work well under all conditions.
  • Updating website information (good writing skills is highly valued)
  • Implementation of new features and functionality
  • Optimizing for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices and create a working theme and plugin.
  • Integrations and installation of plugins and etc
  • You must be able and willing to learn, regardless of your level of competence or ability.
  • You May have knowledge of WordPress, HTML, Shopify. *Professional's choice*
  • You must be able to install themes and be able to set up E-commerce.

You will have the option of working from home or come to our office located at 99 Ingram Drive. 

This year in March we opened our first office location, located on Keele and Castlefield. We are currently working with 5 main projects: (Memory workshop, Food Bank, Sertao Vivo- Abroad, Heart to Heart, Newcomer Centre). You can learn more about each project on our website. 

OUR MISSION - Life For Lives' mission expresses the challenge of interacting and integrating with the various sectors of civil society, developing innovative
actions with children, youth, women, men and the elderly in the social and educational areas. In the perspective that society is motivated to help people in situations of social vulnerability in a multicultural and sustainable model.

OUR VISION - That individuals in a situation of social vulnerability, be motivated and
helped to develop skills, making them entrepreneurs and autonomous.

OUR VALUES - We practice Solidarity, with Love, Respect and Responsibility.
Providing the Autonomy of individuals, through Education in a Multicultural and
Sustainable model.

Contact information: Phone: (416) 246-0351 , Email:, WEBSITE:

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