Volunteer - Community Adult Mentoring and Support (C.A.M.S) Mentor - John Howard Society of Victoria / Correctional Service Canada

Oct 28, 2020
Victoria, British Columbia

Imagine being released from a federal prison on parole into a city you are not originally from, without friends or family around to offer support during this vulnerable time.  How will you find work? How will you navigate this new community on your own?  Without the appropriate supports and resources in place, how long will it be until you feel the pressure of your new reality, breach a condition and end up back in prison?

C.A.M.S Mentors are Correctional Service of Canada volunteers, operated by the John Howard Society of Victoria. Our mentors are screened and extensively trained in order to provide one-on-one support to offenders with high risk/needs as they reintegrate into society after serving time in a federal institution.  The mentor will enter a 1-year commitment for this role, with the hope of continuing.  During this mentorship, volunteers assist with:

  • Grocery shopping
  • Banking
  • Navigating the city
  • Participating in social/recreational activities of interest
  • Employment/education seeking
  • Coping with stressful situations encountered upon release
  • Forming and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Following release plans

Public Safety is the main concern with C.A.M.S; our mentors seek to complement the work of Parole Officers, Halfway Houses and other agencies in order to ensure our community remains safe.  C.A.M.S mentors must be the age of majority (19) and are recruited from various populations, including:

  • College and universities
  • Victoria Parole volunteer registry
  • LGBTQ+
  • Recovery programs
  • Retirees

C.A.M.S is always seeking volunteers with unique skills to enhance the service. For example, if you have expertise in assisting individuals file taxes; experience dealing with individuals facing mental health barriers and/or addictions; or, knowledge in basic nutrition/cooking, please include this information when you apply! 

To request more information and to fill out an application please contact:

Dayna Berkner - Coordinator of Volunteers
(250) 580-6335


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