Volunteer Blog/Report/Grant Writer - BCEdAccess Society

Oct 30, 2020
Victoria, British Columbia

Writers will be expected to:

  • Commit to 2-4 hours a week of work, including at least 1 virtual meeting with the team
  • Respond within 48 hours to emails
  • Meet deadlines
  • Understand our mission, audience, and message and research and write blog posts about different issues that concern the organization and its focus areas
  • Write about current campaigns and how they are relevant 
  • Contribute to long-form content projects;
  • Conduct analyses to improve media strategies/tactics;
  • Seek tactics to increase audiences to our website and expand our network of newsletter subscribers;
  • Respond to blog comments and emails in a timely and courteous fashion;
  • Take interest and actively participate more broadly in other aspects of our organization as required;
  • Stay informed of the policy developments and on-the-ground developments of the situation in the education system in BC and nationally/globally;
  • Stay informed of comments made by politicians pertaining to children and youth with disabilities.

Are you our next Blog/Report/Grant Writer?

Do you have the following skills, knowledge, and fit for BCEdAccess? We’re looking for:

  • Youth (especially graduate or senior undergraduate students and young professionals) with a demonstrated interest and knowledge in some or all of the following:
    • Disability, human rights, and politics in historical contexts and current events
      • Knowledge of current BCEdAccess campaigns, and how they are relevant;
    • Writing, editing, and proofreading skills
      • Outstanding proofreading, writing, and editing skills;
      • Ability to communicate complex ideas and situations into lay terms;
  • Proven exceptional verbal and written skills (a writing sample will be requested);
  • Be able to work on-call and respond to Directors’ requests, react to current events and disseminate information to our audiences in a timely manner;
  • Responsible, reliable, and self-motivated individuals, capable of working in a virtual team environment on their own time with minimal supervision, meeting deadlines, and answering emails within 48 hours.

Why Volunteer with BCEdAccess?


    • Work remotely, from anywhere and anytime (while meeting your deadlines), as we do most of our work online;
      • You are required to attend team meetings, so please ensure you coordinate accordingly;
    • Room to grow for you and for our organization
      • You are not confined to the position you apply for, and we welcome your ideas and skill contributions to different areas of our organization. We are growing right now and there will be more opportunities evolving;
      • Shape your role if you wish! Bring your skills, experiences, ideas, as long as you complete core functions of the role. 
  • Be Engaged
    • Participate in the work to gain equitable access to education for children and youth with disabilities;
    • You will receive full credit for your work, so you will be able to gain experience and build your portfolio;
    • Professional development (ie:working effectively with a team that is geographically distributed).
    • Successful volunteers will receive a reference letter for their work.



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