Research Analyst - LetsStopAIDS

Nov 02, 2020
Toronto, Ontario

LetsStopAIDS is a Canadian youth-HIV charity that focuses on HIV prevention and knowledge exchange by engaging young people and fostering leadership. Since 2004, we have been creating a global network of youth-HIV leaders. LetsStopAIDS is entirely run by volunteers and your contribution will be part of the broader volunteer effort.


About You:

You enjoy research. As our research analyst, you will provide technical advice, strategic guidance and support relating to LetsStopAIDS’ programmes. You will research and synthesize health-related information, which will allow you to practice your analytical writing skills. You must be self-driven and open to feedback from supervisors on the purpose behind research we collect. Any prior experience with knowledge management and HIV-related policy issues, is appreciated. Your role will allow LetsStopAIDS to build evidence for its current and future projects. 


Responsibilities & Skills:

  • Conduct in-depth research and analysis, mainly through web and document searches with HIV policy advisers and external experts, for knowledge and information needed to enhance current programme activities, which will support grant applications

  • Provide advice and guidance to programme managers, based on research findings to support current and future programmes.

  • Maintain LetsStopAIDS’ HIV database with relevant documents, news and web links.

  • Produce clear and actionable tables, visuals, reports, presentations and manuscripts based on findings, for public dissemination.

  • Other duties as assigned


Dedication: The role will require 8-10 hours per week. You can decide to volunteer remotely, however, will be encouraged to visit our Downtown Toronto (Adelaide/John) head office, once per week. Certain tasks may require irregular volunteer hours, particularly in times of need.

Preference will be given to individuals with lived experiences, relating to HIV.


How to Apply 

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