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Request for Proposal - The Mosaic Institute

Sep 21, 2019

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About The Client

The Mosaic Institute is a think-and-do tank, which brings together people, communities, and states, to strengthen pluralism and to resolve conflicts.

We operate through Track II diplomacy: people-to-people engagement to foster mutual understanding and to create strategies for peaceful co-existence.  We believe that Canada’s diversity is not a problem to be solved, but rather the solution to many of Canada’s and the world’s conflicts.

The Mosaic is a platform for innovative peace dialogues that bring different people together to share, listen, learn, and act to end conflict. At the heart of the Mosaic Model of Dialogue: we bring groups at strife to a common table for talks, to share their experience and positions, to build mutual empathy and understanding, and to create common ground.

Requests for Proposals: 

RFP: Research Design

The goal of this project is to provide a plan that will identify key research areas relevant to the Mosaic Institute’s mission.

More specifically, the project will propose ways to:

  • Strengthen The Mosaic Institute’s thought leadership in areas of conflict resolution and pluralism;
  • Develop The Mosaic Institute's practical experience into a resource for relevant stakeholders; and
  • Continue grounding The Mosaic Institute’s work in empirical evidence.

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RFP: Curriculum Design

The goal of this project is to provide a plan to develop 25-30 learning modules for our high school program with an emphasis on:

  • Themes of conflict resolution, inclusion, pluralism, global affairs, dialogue, peacebuilding, Canadian foreign affairs, diversity; pluralism; multiculturalism, and diaspora;
  • Relevant case studies aligned with The Mosaic Institute’s mission; and
  • Relevant case studies aligned with Canadian high school experiences of exclusion and conflict in the classroom.

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