Program Manager - Community Living Durham North

Oct 05, 2020
Port Perry, Ontario
Entry Level, Early Career

Program Manager

Our Vision

A community where everyone is valued

Our Mission

To offer quality services and supports built on choice and advocacy, while fostering the community’s capacity to value all members

Reporting Relationship

The Program Manager reports to a Program Director.   

Position Summary

The paramount responsibility of every employee is to adhere to, and promote, our organizational Vision and Mission statements.

Program Managers are responsible for the performance of several staff teams in the areas of residential, community access or respite services. The manager will train, mentor and direct these teams building their capacity to support individuals in their personal growth, community participation and the pursuit of improved life outcomes.

The Program Manager must work in compliance with the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and with the Social Inclusion Act, 2008 and its Regulation 299/10.


  • A DSW Diploma or equivalent
  • Four years of recent and relevant experience in a direct support human services role along with at least one year supervisory experience
  • Valid driver’s license and access to a personal vehicle
  • Excellent computer skills (i.e. Excel, Word)

Core Competencies   (expectations that apply to every employee and every position)

  1. Compassionate, responsible support of people, their families and the community
  2. Effective and positive communication with everyone
  3. Enthusiastic support for my organization, team and co-workers    
  4. Embracing change, innovation and personal growth

Role Competencies    (responsibilities specific to this position) 

1) Thinks strategically and creates teams capable of achieving excellent outcomes with the resources available to them 

  • Conceptualizes and communicates evolving organizational visions
  • Actively develops resources, partnerships and relationships that facilitate the achievement of goals
  • Helps teams and individuals identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats
  • Proactively monitors community and sector trends that may affect opportunities for the organization and employees 

2) Encourages individuals and teams to grow:

  • Encourages employees to embrace life-long learning and serves as an effective role model
  • Carefully monitors individual performance and conducts annual Performance Appraisals with each team member with a view to optimizing their professional growth
  • Maintains a good working knowledge of organizational training and development concepts and conducts effective in-house training
  • Evaluates training and development activities and utilizes information to create better strategies and approaches
  • Mentors individuals and teams and uses delegation as an effective tool in helping employees to build new skills and abilities
  • Understands the necessity for creating a learning organization and acknowledges employee effort by ensuring that successes are celebrated

3) Is a careful and thoughtful custodian of resources 

  • Practices financial responsibility by managing property, staff and material prudently; effectively monitors budgets and takes corrective actions
  • Maintains a detailed knowledge of government legislation and regulations, applicable program requirements, and the expectations of funders
  • Thinks creatively in an effort to expand the organization’s resource base
  • Recognizes the importance of monitoring quality and measuring outcomes
  • Works cooperatively with peers and plans initiatives/solves problems collaboratively

4) Provides empowering leadership to staff teams

  • Stimulates the involvement of all team members, encourages joint decision making and continual feedback
  • Carefully manages team dynamics and educates individuals on how to become effective team players
  • Coaches teams to adopt shared values; to use good processes and improve decision making
  • Assists individuals and teams to set goals that are challenging and achievable
  • Guides and supports employees to become more accountable and responsible
  • Provides recognition for individual and team achievements and initiatives
  • Understands how an empowered workforce can help the organization thrive

5) Acts prudently concerning the health and safety of staff and people

  • Ensures individual and team compliance with all health and safety rules and regulations and takes appropriate action to maintain a safe workplace
  • Capable of handling emergency situations

6) Supports and facilitates people’s self-advocacy activities

  • Assists supported people to create self-advocacy groups, recruit new members, and identify emerging self-advocacy opportunities within the community and agency
  • Provides resources, staff and logistical support for self-advocacy groups
  • Ensures staff provide effective guidance and advice to self-advocacy groups

7) Has lead role in ensuring the agency’s compliance continuous compliance with Quality Assurance Measures (Regulation 299/10).

Working Conditions

 The incumbent must be able to prioritize, plan and organize work to complete scheduled tasks despite frequent distractions and interruptions

  • The incumbent must be highly organized, versatile and innovative in order to manage the volume of work and various deadlines
  • The incumbent will communicate regularly with individuals at all levels internally and with external organizations
  • The incumbent will spend periods of time sitting and using office equipment and computers, which may cause muscle strain. This person may also have to do lifting of materials from time to time up to 25 lbs.

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