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Personal Support Worker - LOFT Community Services

Nov 22, 2023
Toronto, Ontario

DATE: November 8th, 2023

LOCATION: Toronto, ON – Pine Villa

COMPENSATION: $48,766 - $50,006 Annually Prorated



LOFT Community Services is a unique and dynamic charitable organization that supports people living with complicated issues such as mental and physical health challenges, substance use challenges, poverty and homelessness. Serving approximately 13,969 annually and providing 1,788 units of supportive housing last year, LOFT is one of Ontario’s largest mental health service providers of its kind. LOFT is also recognized as a Nonprofit Employer of Choice™ Award (NEOC) recipient.


To help fulfill its mission, LOFT is hiring a Personal Support Worker.



The Personal Support Worker is responsible for rendering a range of services for the clients of the program consistent with its basic values and goals. The Personal Support Worker will support, as assigned, the needs of the vulnerable, at risk, older adults and seniors living in the multi-sites under the auspices of the program. This support relates to the physical, cognitive, mental health and social/recreational needs of the clients. The staff member will maintain the established routines of the program including all security, fire and general health and safety practices. The Personal Support Worker will perform these and other delegated responsibilities to ensure the quality of personal care of the clients of the program.



Support of the physical and mental health requirements of clients.
  • Establish a working rapport with clients that supports their dignity, encourages personal empowerment and facilitates addressing their psychosocial, behaviour management and medical needs.
  • Support clients with reminders related to taking their medications at the scheduled time(s) and in accordance with their physicians' instructions.
  • Adhere to residence/program established medication system procedures, including ordering, recording and reminding clients about the administration of their medication as well as the self- medication program.
  • Monitor and support clients with medical problems and illnesses, including cleaning areas which require immediate attention, i.e. linens, floor coverings, etc. for the comfort and support of the clients. Further, to record illnesses, the circumstances and arrange for medical/emergency invention in liaison with the Senior PSW and Program Director.
  • Encourage and assist clients in the following activities of daily living:
    1. laundering and ironing of personal clothing
    2. dressing/undressing, and ensure clients are dressed appropriately
    3. personal hygiene including grooming, shaving, oral hygiene, nails and bathing
    4. ambulation, toileting and transferring
    5. at meal times, meal preparation, serving, feeding, cutting food, etc.,
    6. care for incontinent clients, make client's bed
    7. shopping
  • As a means of promoting a normalized lifestyle, support clients with daily living chores such as bed making, dusting, sweeping and generally keeping their living space in a clean and orderly fashion.
  • Provide support with managing behaviours and problems arising from cognitive issues.
  • Provide social support in areas such as conversation, making phone calls, writing letters, facilitating interest in hobbies and other recreational activities.
  • Escort to medical appointments, visiting friends and other identified needs for social interaction in the community.
  • Maintain current and accurate records of the provision of care services and document behaviours for individual clients in accordance with established procedures.
  • Participate in regularly scheduled meetings with clients and/or other members of the staff team for the purpose of developing goals of support for individual clients. Adhere to the goals and tasks developed.


Maintenance and security, fire and general health and safety
  • In emergency situations, contact appropriate emergency services immediately. In addition, record all incidents using the appropriate forms. Contact with the Program Director or designated person will be initiated in accordance with residence/program procedures and practices.
  • Interact with clients during the designated shift, where appropriate. In addition, a formal contact will occur daily to ensure client comfort and safety.
  • If a client is missing, record and follow up according to the program procedures.
  • Ensure equipment and supplies for personal support are readily available. Report any damage or need for repair to maintenance and the Program Director.


Specific medical responsibilities ( at applicable sites)
  • Monitor the medication program, working directly with the physician, the pharmaceutical consultant, other Personal Support Workers and the Program Director regarding any problem in the system.
  • Ensure the proper storage and recording of medication from the pharmacy, in consultation with the pharmacist and physicians.


Social/ Recreational Activities
  • Attend program co-ordination meetings and participate in planning activities, as required.
  • Maintain accurate records of program participants
  • Keep appropriate staff informed of client absent for meals/medication items, because of special outings
  • Ensure that equipment/supplies required are available and ready for use. Report any damage/need for maintenance on equipment to Senior PSW and Program Director.
  • Actively participate in all planned program activities
  • Drive the van to transport the client(s) for outings as well as assume the leadership for the activity. As required.
  • Other responsibilities as delegated by the Services Coordinator or Program Director



  • Post-secondary education in human services. This qualification may be met by, but not restricted to, a diploma or certificate from a recognized community college (Gerontology Worker Diploma, Personal Support Worker Certificate etc.)
  • Experience with vulnerable, older adults and seniors with unique special needs including cognitive impairments and/or mental health issues;
  • Knowledge of medication and general health and psychiatric conditions
  • First Aid and CPR training
  • Possession of a valid Ontario Driver's License preferred; Experience in social/recreational co-ordination preferred
  • Ability to organize activities and work with individuals and groups in the areas of assessment, problem solving and crisis management;
  • Ability to interact with clients in a positive and supportive manner;
  • Demonstrated ability to work with multi-disciplinary professionals and other staff in a team environment;
  • Good oral and written English skills;
  • Creativity and flexibility;
  • Computer skills are required
  • Multi-tasking and time management skills related to
  • Understanding of cultural competency and anti-oppression framework;
  • Reflective of a multi-barriered group, as serviced by the program, a strong asset


Note: All LOFT employees are required to be COVID-19 vaccinated as a condition of hire in accordance with LOFT’s Vaccination Policy; unless they are employed in or work regularly with staff who are employed in, non-client facing roles.

Note: A satisfactory vulnerable sector check (VSC) is also required.                                                  


CLOSING DATE: November 22, 2023

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