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Operations Coordinator - TRAC Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre

Nov 27, 2023
Vancouver, British Columbia

The Tenant Resource & Advisory Centre (TRAC) is a non-profit organization that promotes the legal protection of BC tenants by providing free legal education, representation, and advocacy on rental housing matters. Our key programs include a Tenant Infoline, legal workshops / webinars, an online learning platform (Renting It Right), and direct advocacy / full representation services for eligible clients.

As part of a City of Vancouver Service Contract, TRAC is looking to hire an Operations Coordinator on a part-time basis (28 hours per week). The successful applicant will have the option to work part-time from TRAC’s Downtown Vancouver office and part-time from their home.


Building a Renter Services Centre (RSC)
TRAC has been approved by the City of Vancouver as the lead operator of a future Renter Services Centre (RSC) at 900 Howe Street in Downtown Vancouver. The goal is to build towards an RSC where multiple renter-serving organizations co-locate and provide services to the public.

The Operations Coordinator’s primary responsibilities will relate to the fulfillment of the programming vision for the RSC. This will include working with the Executive Director and Board of Directors on the following:
  • Contacting other renter-serving organizations about moving into the RSC, and signing subleases with groups that commit to co-locating.
  • Developing a shared governance structure that outlines the rights and responsibilities of the lead operator (TRAC) and co-located organizations (sub-subtenants).
  • Developing a policies and procedures manual for the co-located organizations.
  • Developing a coordinated communications strategy that aims to raise the public profile of the RSC and attract the clients most in need of assistance.
  • Identifying and applying for funding that will enhance services and operations at the RSC.
  • Working with an evaluation consultant to develop an evaluation framework and methodology, collect and analyze data, and improve RSC services based on the findings.
  • Undergoing training related to the development and operation of multi-tenant non-profit centers, such as the RSC.
  • Generally acting as the point person for all administrative tasks at the RSC.

Convening the Renter-Serving Sector

Outside of RSC-related duties, the Operations Coordinator will help TRAC fulfill its mission of enhancing legal protections for residential tenants. In particular, the successful applicant will help convene the renter-serving sector in Vancouver by facilitating opportunities to share knowledge, strengthen connections, discuss trends, and strategize about systemic change. This work will include the following:
  • Hosting periodic Renter Sector Meetings, previously hosted by the City of Vancouver’s Renter Office. This will include creating agendas, sending out invites, leading meeting discussions, taking and circulating minutes, and ensuring action items are completed.
  • Hosting periodic meetings with the RSC Project Advisory Committee. This will include creating agendas, sending out invites, leading meeting discussions, taking and circulating minutes, and ensuring action items are completed.
  • Connecting the City of Vancouver with both groups listed above. This will include inviting City of Vancouver staff to attend and participate in meetings and/or keeping City of Vancouver staff informed of the key recommendations that emerge from those groups.
  • Facilitating other opportunities for renter-serving organizations to host or participate in meetings and community events that benefit renters.

Public Legal Education

When time permits, this position may also involve any of the following responsibilities related to the provision of public legal education:
  • Providing legal information and referral services through email, social media, and TRAC’s Tenant Infoline phone service.
  • Preparing for and facilitating legal workshops and webinars for tenants and advocates.
  • Working with rental housing stakeholders, including other advocacy organizations, media, and all levels of government, to provide legislative and policy recommendations.
  • Assisting with the development of plain language resources on residential tenancy law.
  • Assisting with the promotion and/or distribution of TRAC publications.


This position will require the following skills and knowledge:
  • Exceptional project management skills, including the ability to think critically, manage deadlines, juggle multiple tasks, and work effectively with others.
  • Exceptional oral and written communication skills.
  • Knowledge of BC residential tenancy law and Residential Tenancy Branch dispute resolution procedures.*
  • Passion for social justice and tenants’ rights.
  • Existing profile in the social justice legal community is an asset.

*TRAC will provide basic legal training to the successful applicant.

  • $24 / hour
  • Following a 3 month probation period:
    • 3 weeks of vacation (prorated for part-time employees) in the first year of employment
    • Health and dental benefits through Pacific Blue Cross
    • 4% RRSP Contribution

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