Ontario Drug Policy Research Network Citizens' Panel - Ontario Drug Policy Research Network

Oct 27, 2020
Various Locations, Ontario

The Ontario Drug Policy Research Network (ODPRN) is a collaboration of established researchers from across Ontario that was formed to rapidly respond to policymakers’ needs for relevant research to guide and inform their decisions. The ODPRN Citizens’ Panel is a group of volunteer citizens who have collectively come together to ensure that the ODPRN appropriately identifies issues of importance to the public, and incorporates these priorities into all aspects of our research.

Members of the Citizens' Panel:

  • Share their experiences with the healthcare system and ideas around how it can be improved.
  • Direct the focus of our research program and contextualize our findings for Ontario's policymakers.
  • Influence policy recommendations that may shape drug policy in Ontario. 

The panel consists of up to 25 citizens that represent Ontario’s diversity with respect to factors such as age, gender, profession, educational background, cultural background, and geography. These members have demonstrated a dedicated interest in improving the Ontario healthcare system and offer unique healthcare experiences that will be used to inform Ontario drug policy. Members are compensated for their time and travel.

Members are required to attend, participate, and actively contribute in bi-monthly meetings via teleconference. Members are requested to inform the chair and staff liaison of any absences as soon as possible. If a member misses 2 consecutive meetings or if more than 50% of the meetings in one year are missed without communication, the chair will follow-up via email to determine continued interest in the panel.

Term of Office
Members are encouraged to participate for at least a 2 year fiscal term (April to March) with the option for renewal. The Citizens’ Panel and ODPRN staff will attempt to ensure that there is overlap in members from year to year to encourage knowledge transfer and consistency. There is no penalty should a member wish to withdraw their participation at any time.

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