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On-Call Relief Counsellor - Vista Centre Brain Injury Services

Oct 11, 2019
Ottawa, Ontario

In collaboration with patients, families (as defined by the patient), and staff across disciplines and departments the residential counsellor provides quality support to individuals living with the effects of brain injury and close intensive supervision in a residential setting. In partnership with the patient and family and, considering the patient’s environment, the on-call residential counselor is responsible for assisting in the coordination of residential services and providing professional treatment and care to residents. In addition, this position is responsible for providing a range of residential counseling and skills training services to clients and their families, tracking and reporting on resident’s treatment progress and providing peer leadership.

Pertaining to the activities provided to Service Recipients (SRs) with acquired brain injury who are living in a supportive housing setting or own residence and require assisted living services, accessible on a 24-hour basis.  The services may include, but not limited to, homemaking, personal support and attendant/ personal hygiene services. This service may also include the core components of independence training service and SR specific behavioural management programs developed and/or supervised by the professional service funded through the Psychological services. The supportive housing setting is a location where organization may be responsible for providing services to a number of SRs who live in their own units and housing is not a component of the service. Organizations providing these services will ensure their staff in various locations are onsite and/or accessible on a 24-hour basis.

Actively support the philosophy, goals and objectives of Patient and Family Centred Care (PFCC) Program, the education and programmatic activities that promote and implement PFCC behaviors, and the coordination of opportunities for patients and families to contribute to the mission, vision, and values of VCBIS.


  1. Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in social work, psychology, counseling, or human services related fields.
  2. Prior experience working with individuals living with the effects of brain injury an asset or at least two years work experience providing mental health or social service.


  1. Values working in a multicultural/diverse environment
  2. Communicates effectively both verbally and in writing with a broad variety of people, including team members, management and other professionals
  3. Ability to work effectively with a team-oriented environment
  4. Computer experience and adequate typing ability
  5. Ability to provide visual and auditory supervision of residents
  6. Maintains appropriate professional boundaries and confidentiality
  7. Demonstrates group leadership and organizational skills
  8. Regularly attend scheduled shifts, be punctual for scheduled shifts and meetings and be in a condition suitable for assuming responsibilities of the position
  9. Effectively monitor safety and demonstrate group management skills and effectively deescalate potentially chaotic or volatile situations
  10. Exercises tact, discretion, and judgment in working with a variety of people
  11. Stays calm and emotionally available in an environment serving individuals with a mild to severe brain injury
  12. Openness to feedback and supervision


  1. Standard First Aid/CPR certification is required within the first six months of employment; maintain a current standard First Aid/CPR certification afterward.
  2. Must pass a criminal reference check
  3. Requires driving an agency vehicle, a valid driver’s license, personal auto liability insurance, and a driving record permitting coverage under agency auto liability policy.


Works under the direct supervision of the Program Manager


  1. 1. Provides a nurturing environment and close, intensive supervision and safety for individuals living with the effect of a brain injury in the residential program
  2. Assures resident’s basic needs are met including meals, exercise, hygiene and sleep
  3. Teaches healthy living skills and conducts recreational and social activities enhancing skill acquisition and fun
  4. Monitors activities and whereabouts of residents
  5. Maintains a physically safe environment
  6. Administers medication in an accurate and timely manner
  7. Assures that residents’ daily schedule is followed
  8. Assures attendance at medical, dental, counseling or other social service appointments including transportation as needed
  9. Serves as liaison with other agencies, support programs, family members, professionals and significant others as needed

Utilizes behavior management techniques appropriately with residents

  1. Feedback is clear, specific, timely and respectful
  2. Effectively communicates behavior choices to residents, outlining the positive and negative consequences of their choices
  3. Communication is adjusted to meet the resident’s development level and style of communication

Employs relationship and counseling skills effectively

  1. Models healthy interactions and respectful communication with residents
  2. Forms caring therapeutic relationships that are warm, nurturing, empathetic and unconditional
  3. Relates to residents objectively and fairly, giving consideration to the resident’s individual needs
  4. Works with residents to problem solve and identify solutions to problematic behaviors
  5. Facilitates group counseling/skills training sessions assisting residents in skill development in specific target areas of their Individual Support Plan

Health and Safety

  1. Maintains current knowledge and practice of occupational health and safety regulations, fire safety and other emergency policies and procedures.
  2. Reports all health and safety risks or concerns and site maintenance requirements to the supervisor.
  3. Operates all equipment, including site vans, in a safe and appropriate manner.
  4. Maintains working knowledge of safe body mechanic techniques, and utilizes this knowledge while performing all duties.
  5. Understands and uses principles of good hygiene and universal precautions in all aspects of the job.
  6. Submits Emergency Drill Reports, performs emergency evacuation drills, and completes the Emergency Preparedness Checklist as directed by the Supervisor.Takes responsibility for personal health and safety and wears appropriate clothing, footwear, and personal protective gear while on duty.
  7. Reports to work fit and able to perform all job duties and responsibilities, and remains alert and attentive throughout every shift.

Works effectively within a team of co-workers

  1. Maintains communication with staff members through the use of a Communication Log and shift-change meetings
  2. Reviews incident reports in a consistent and timely manner
  3. Tracks team and clients information in staff logs and client notes, using professional language
  4. Participates and contributes to team meetings and case reviews in a constructive manner
  5. Maintains communication with co-workers throughout shift and across shifts, keeping them apprised of therapeutic issues
  6. Consults with team and follows through with decisions. Remains aware of overall program climate and assists others when need arises.
  7. Communicates constructively and appropriately problem solves differences

Completes all resident reports, scripts, protocols and records in a timely manner in accordance with program policies and procedures (all components may not apply)

  1. Write progress notes in accordance with policies and procedures standards for all individual and group skills training
  2. Write incident reports as needed
  3. Documents all relevant contact with significant others and external agencies
  4. Completes daily shift communication and data documentation at the end of each shift
  5. Facilitates implementation of Individual Service Plans and conducts six months review (as needed)


Meets regularly with Program Manager and actively participates in supervision

Performs other duties as assigned by the Program Manager


  1. Position involves working with residents who have a mild to severe head injury who may at times exhibit behavioral issues
  2. Potential exposure to communicable diseases including the common cold, flu and hepatitis
  3. Position requires availability to work irregular hours, including evenings, overnights and weekends (no guaranteed hours)


Please forward resume and cover letter to Program Manager by email at

OR by fax to Program Manager at 613-234-3625

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