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Oct 06, 2020
Across Canada

Position: Board Member 

Time commitment:  5-6 hours per month (minimum) 

Term: Under the Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation by-laws, the Board has to be elected/ appointed for terms of up to three years on rotation.   

  • One-third of the first permanent directors will be elected/appointed for terms of 1 year,  

  • One third have to be elected for terms of 2 years and 

  • One third has to be elected for terms of 3 years.  


Application Deadline: August 28th, 2020 

Type of Board: Policy Governing Board 


Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation 

The Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation was established through a national settlement with the Federal government. The courts approved this settlement in August 2018, and the final confirmation was announced in December 2018.  The Interim Board was created to lay the groundwork for the creation of a Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation. As part of that, the Interim Board decided to undertake a national engagement process with Sixties Scoop survivors to hear from them about their needs and aspirations for their Foundation. The culmination of this year-long process produced an actionable set of recommendations to inform the Foundations' key activities, governing values/principles and the Board of Directors composition.  

The Interim Board is now undertaking the recruitment of the inaugural Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation Board of Directors in a manner that inspires trust for survivors. The national-wide recruitment process is being executed based on the National Survivor Engagement Report.   


Board Member Core Qualities  

The core qualities that survivors want in Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation Board Members are as follows:   

Good character

An individual who is known as a "credible champion" within their community; known for being kind, authentic, accountable, and for acting with integrity.  

Cultural humility 

An individual who demonstrates a strong respect for and acceptance of Indigenous Cultures and ways of knowing, in all of their diversity.  

Strong relationship skills

An individual who demonstrates the ability to build consensus and trust, and to work collaboratively with others. Known as a "peacemaker," this individual is emotionally balanced and grounded, and is both self-reflective and self-aware.  

Strong thinking skills

An individual who demonstrates the ability to think strategically and apply ingenuity to solve problems. 


Authority and Responsibility of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the legal authority for the Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation and will carry out the fiduciary duties and responsibilities of the organization.  As a member of the Board, a Director acts in a position of trust for the Sixties Scoop Survivor community and will provide valuable leadership, guidance and oversight as the organization develops and grows.  

The role of the Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation Board will be to: 

  • Establish the mission, goals and policies of the Foundation  

  • Develop a long-range strategic plan for the Foundation;  

  • Ensure the long-term financial stability and strength of the Foundation,  

  • Ensure the long-term organizational stability and strength of the Foundation, 

  • Honour the experience of Sixties Scoop survivors and their families by maintaining the integrity, independence and ideals of the Foundation, 

  • Hire and manage an Executive Director to manage the operations of the Foundation. 

  • Exercise management oversight of the Executive Director and the operations, approve annual budgets, review operating and financial results, audit for compliance with internal policies and external requirements, review performance against goals. 


Principal Responsibilities of the Board  

  • Be committed to the mission, goals and policies of the Foundation. 

  • Perform the functions and work of the Board to the best of one's ability. 

  • Avoid any conflicts of interest and situations that would compromise the principles of the Foundation or lead to the perception of compromise. 

  • Be knowledgeable about the Foundation, be knowledgeable about the programs and services it will provide and the community it serves. 

  • Be committed to contributing to trauma-informed, strengths-based, culturally safe and anti-lateral violence-based operations 



The following are considered to be key qualifications: 

  • Self-identifies as an individual impacted by the Sixties Scoop 

  • Knowledgeable about the Sixties Scoop 

  • Commitment to the Foundations' vision, mission and strategic directions 

  • Commitment to honouring the diversity of Indigenous nations, cultures, and ways of knowing 

  • Commitment to exhibiting the principles of cultural safety and humility 

  • Availability of sufficient time to devote to board duties 


To complete your application, please upload two additional documents with your application form on the Sixties Scoop Healing Foundation website: (1) an expression of interest letter detailing why you are interested in applying to the Board and (2) a detailed resume or CV outlining your relevant background experience.  We will only be able to consider applications that include these two additional documents.


For more information, please reach out at: info@60sscoopfoundation or 1-877-313-7011


We would like to thank all applicants for their interest, but only those under consideration will be contacted. 

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