Family Support Counsellor - MIdaynta Community services

Oct 06, 2020
Toronto, Ontario
Entry Level, Early Career

The Collaborative of Organizations (Midaynta Community Services, Caribbean African Canadian Social Services (CAFCAN), the Black Action Defense Committee, Northwood Neighbourhood Services, and Somali Immigrant Aid Organization) serve communities in Northwest Toronto blighted by the crime of youth gangs. As identified in the Roots of Youth Violence Report, these neighbourhoods’ unique needs (i.e. a concentration of low socio-economic households, high unemployment, poverty, racism, challenges with institutions/systems, immigration and settlement issues, high drop-out rates, lack of youth voice, poor community design,  delinquency, health issues, family issues etc.) have contributed to the disengagement of youth from their own communities.

Funded by the Ontario Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services

POSITION SUMMARY: This Collaborative is seeking to hire Full-Time Family Support Counsellor. The goal of this position is to provide Gang Prevention/Intervention service and contract covering staff on Maternity Leave.

POSITION DESCRIPTION: The Program will comprise two service delivery components: Gang Prevention and Gang Intervention. The first will provide culturally relevant services to youth at-risk of gang involvement and their families through case management, gang awareness education, employment and training supports, parenting skills development, cultural and community education, drugs and alcohol education and awareness and harm reduction strategies. The second, intervention strategies for gang-involved youth, will encourage gang affiliated youth to exit gangs, supporting the rehabilitation of youth into positive community settings, and provide supports and services to the youth and their families through case management, counseling, mentorship and workshops.


  • Master of Social Work (MSW) with 3-5-year work experience and currently registered and in good standing with a professional association for practitioners in clinical therapy.
  • Demonstrated ability delivering intensive, short-term counselling and support services to Black youth and their families in crisis, helping them to address their specific challenges, and referring and supporting them to access required services;
  • Strong understanding of the specialized needs of Black youth and families who may be experiencing challenges related to anti-Black racism, such as mental health, addictions, trauma, relationship violence, human/sex trafficking and/or involvement in criminal activities;
  • Knowledge of and sensitivity to the life and needs of the Black youth and their families in underserved communities combined with previous community development experience;
  • Skill in managing the case plans of multiple, high-risk youth clients and their families;
  • Police Vulnerable Sector Check will be required prior to commencing position
  • Extensive knowledge of the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA)
  • Good working knowledge, understanding and experience working in Neighbourhood Improvement Areas (NIAs)
  • Knowledge of the challenge/ barriers that gang involve youth and their families face and a comprehensive understanding of the local gangs dynamics in Northwest Toronto
  • Cultural competency with at-risk and diverse youth population,
  • Responsive to youth voices and the unique needs of at risk youth
  • Knowledge of information sharing practices and protocols.
  • Demonstrated de-escalation and crisis management skills
  • Knowledge of service systems and clinical issues, including case management and one-on-one/group trauma-informed counseling pertinent to gang involvement, intervention, and support services
  • Professional communication, organization and interpersonal skills
  • Able to work from an anti-oppressive and anti-racist framework;
  • Ability to work with diverse staff, participants, and community resources
  • A positive attitude that includes creativity and flexibility
  • Experience working collaboratively with community partners


Key Responsibilities and Accountabilities


  1. To provide prevention and intervention services to youth and their families who are at risk of gang involvement. Prevention and Intervention services will be reflective and responsive to the youth, family and community strengths and needs.
  2. To provide support to mothers of victim of violence (Mending the Crack in the Sky) by providing clinical support at their meeting
  3. To maintain, through appropriate communication and coordination, a collective working relationship with other professionals both within and outside of the organization
  4. To facilitate partnerships with community groups, and inform the Gang Prevention & Intervention Program (GPIP) Supervisor of emerging issues, service gaps and matters of interest and/or concern.
  5. To provide family interventions including counselling, psycho-educational sessions, and crisis planning and system navigation.
  6. To provide training and consultation to front-line staff in delivering services to Black youth and their families. You will be responsible for planning, developing and implementing appropriate group programs for Black families. Through innovative methods, you will help contribute to the delivery of a positive family-focused approach within Toronto. Familiarity with Roots of Violence Report and ability to develop and deliver services that are culturally sensitive to the community
  7. To maintain and foster ongoing effective working relationships with Probation Officers within the Ontario Youth Justice system.
  8. Conduct Case Management for each participant
  9. Provide one-on-one and group counseling for families/guardians of youth
  10. Delivery of core workshops i.e., gang awareness education, anger management, employment and skills training, youth justice awareness, parenting skills, cultural and community education, drugs and alcohol addictions education, life-skills training, mentorship and other intervention and prevention strategies.
  11. Support the rehabilitation of youth and their reintegration back into positive community settings
  12. To reach out to and engage youth, families/parents, institutions and organizations in contact or working with Afro-Caribbean and African youth who are ages 12 to 20 at-risk of or involved with gang activity, in accordance with the Spergel Model
  13. Complete an Individualized Action Plan for each youth and their family following initial meeting(s) and Needs Assessment.
  14. Develop networks and linkages with community agencies as a means to coordinate services.
  15. Participate in the coordination of services and program development in a wrap-around team setting.
  16. Act as a positive adult role model to clients including: providing ongoing feedback, accountability, effective communication skills, self-care, healthy interpersonal relationships, and conflict resolution skills.
  17. Orient new clients to the program, thoroughly explaining program rules and expectations.
  18. Provide relevant referrals to Employment and job skills training, Mentorships, Internship Opportunities


  1. Develop linkages with community agencies as a means to coordinate appropriate wraparound services.
  2. Provide information for, and/or participate as directed in, the completion of weekly, quarterly and annual reports encompassing activities, tasks, accomplishments, and challenges
  3. To engage in regular supervision with the Project Turn-around and EYOW staff.
  4. Participate in required projects and agency meetings.
  5. Complete and maintain all required documentation in an accurate, professional, and timely manner. This includes, but is not limited to: Needs Assessments, Individual Action Plans, client files, case notes, and outcomes statistics.
  6. Develop and maintain consistent positive relationships with all contacts.
  7. Provide information for, and/or participate as directed in, the completion of reports encompassing activities, tasks, accomplishments, and challenges.
  8. Maintain an accurate knowledge of available community resources.


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