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Facilities Coordinator at Meadowlands Fellowship Church - Meadowlands Fellowship Christian Reformed Church

Nov 30, 2020
Hamilton, Ontario

Position Title:                                     Facilities and Custodial Coordinator

Reports to:                                          Program Ministries Director


We are looking for a half-time facilities coordinator role at Meadowlands Fellowship CRC. The primary role includes keeping our modern facility up to a high standard of cleaning.


Purpose and Scope:                        

  • Through custodial work and supervision of part-time custodial staff, ensures our facilities are clean, safe, and attractive.
  • Serves as the primary contact for MFCRC ministries and renters in scheduling the use of the facilities
  • Serves as a ‘team player’ in the ministry of MFCRC



  • Skilled in keeping a large public facility clean to the standards of the Ministry of Health
  • Skills in light maintenance and upkeep including painting and drywall repair AND/OR able to organize volunteer teams for such repairs
  • Able to organize and communicate the building and room use schedule
  • Ability to supervise part-time cleaning staff
  • WHMIS Certification (in hand or obtained after hiring)
  • Self-motivated and maintains a positive attitude
  • Provides pleasant, courteous communication to all who use and request the use of MFCRC’s facility (congregation members, renters, and guests alike)



  • Cleaning the church building
    • Clean carpeted and tiled floors, bathrooms, windows regularly, and low traffic areas as needed
    • Regular sanitization of high-traffic areas
    • Dispose of waste and recycling, as appropriate
    • Order and re-supply consumables (soap, vacuum cleaner bags, etc.)
    • Regularly scheduled general housekeeping (dusting, tidying, etc.)
    • Washing up dishes left in the building each day
    • Schedule Roomba robot vacuum for cleaning floors
    • Schedule, manage budget for custodial assistant
  • Grounds keeping
    • Remove snow near entry ways or walkways between maintenance visits by contractor
    • Organize spring and fall cleanups of the grounds in coordination with the Resource Team
  • Maintenance
    • Small repairs as needed (drywall, touch up painting etc.)
    • Inform the Resource Team of major building repair or maintenance needs
    • Polish and dust piano twice per year
  • Scheduling building use
    • Serve as primary contact for church groups and ministries seeking to use the church building for various meetings and functions
    • Organize and post the room schedule for each room each month
    • Serve as primary contact for renters (one-time and long term) in negotiating rental contracts, in accordance with existing policies
    • Schedule, or serve as, on-site custodial for event rentals (hours are reimbursed extra)
  • Other
    • Ensure the building is opened and closed on Sunday mornings, and as needed through the week.
    • Restore stage instruments/furniture to Sunday morning readiness after events
    • Prepare the building for Sunday services
    • Provide or schedule appropriate custodial presence at rentals, for weddings, funerals and other non-church sponsored events
    • Ensures compliance with fire safety regulations and inspections
    • Other custodial work as needed
    • Serve as health and safety coordinator
    • Other facility and custodial duties that may not be limited to the details of this job description



  • Facilities Team
  • Monthly staff meeting


Support and Benefits:                     

  • Two weeks’ vacation per calendar year, with vacation pay, and with considerable flexibility for combining days off, depending on the season


Hours: 20 hours per week, with some flexibility according to program and seasonal needs


Please submit applications to:

[1] A schedule for the regular cleaning and maintenance outlines these requirements in greater detail.

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