Events Specialist (Volunteer Recruitment) - Employ to Empower Foundation

Nov 05, 2020
Vancouver, British Columbia

Reporting To: Charissa Landicho, Community Outreach

Location: Vancouver (or able to commute to Vancouver when needed)

Desired Start Date: September 2020 (Minimum 1-year commitment)

Commitment: 6-8 hours/week (including two 1 hour meetings a week; note: hours may increase leading up to the event)

Position Type: Volunteer


Position Summary

The Events Specialist (Volunteer Recruitment) will work directly with the Community Outreach and is responsible for the organization of a team of dedicated event specific volunteer and donation sorting volunteers (30 people ideally) to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of each Advocacy event (Street Store, Cardboard Project, + another event TBD) of Employ to Empower. The Events Specialist (Volunteer Recruitment) is responsible for the recruitment, training, role description and assigning, as well as being the lead volunteer on the ground the day of the event. Tasks will include ensuring that the volunteers are working diligently through their tasks (set-up, tear-down, as well as any event specific tasks), as well as ensuring that each volunteer is meeting the values of the Employ to Empower organization. The Events Specialist (Volunteer Recruitment) will also be responsible for any event specific task involving outside volunteers such as recruiting Donation Champions for the Street Store and organizing donation collection. The Events Specialist (Volunteer Recruitment) will work in direct communication with the Events Specialist (Venue Logistics) to ensure that the Day-of Volunteers are in the loop of major tasks, and work in line with the event logistics. TheEvents Specialist (Volunteer Recruitment) will also work with the Marketing Coordinators to help in expanding our recruitment reach.


Key Responsibilities

-Work alongside the Community Outreach Coordinator to organize a team of volunteers for event day as well as any volunteers that may be needed leading up to the event

-Tasks include recruitment, training, role description and assigning, and lead the volunteer on event day

-Organize event specific tasks involving outside volunteers such as recruiting Donation Champions for the Street Store and organizing donation collection, as well as recruiting Donation Sorters 

-Working alongside the Advocacy team to create events that align with our mission: empowering the residents of the DTES with a Hand-up approach, providing a platform to share their strength and resilience, and educating the Vancouver community around the stigmas in the DTES.



-Proactivity - in recruiting a dedicated event day volunteer team, and ensuring that all roles are filled to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the event

-Entrepreneurial and innovative: Seeks creative new opportunities that both align with our mission and add greater value to the organization and the community - purposeful, ethical, innovative

-Flexibility - able to adapt and pivot in times of uncertainty (for example COVID-19)

-Strong Organization Skills  - this includes time management, punctuality

-Diligence - completing tasks in a timely manner with great efficiency and effectiveness

-Drives revenue: Results driven, with a focus on gaining the support needed to reach Employ to Empower's mission and collective impact-focused strategic objectives

-Effective and engaging communicator:  Passionate communicator, articulating the Employ to Empower message in a way that inspires others to act in service to the organization and the community


Desired Qualities

-Compassionate and cares deeply for the DTES community

-2+ years of experience volunteering/working in the DTES

-1+ years of experience in sponsorship, marketing, or events planning

-Self-starter, curious by nature and keen appetite to learn new concepts/ideas out through research

-Strong interpersonal skills and high relational empathy

-Ability to prioritize, lead and balance multiple projects at once and meet goals

-Strong ability to tolerate chaos and thrive in it

-Immensely strong communication on email, phone, and text

-Demonstrates strong ability to communicate effectively both in writing and orally

-High degree of patience, compassion positivity and enthusiasm with an ability to exercise initiative, tact, and discretion

-Strong and confident leadership

-Ability to work as a team and individually

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