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Director - Finance and Admin - 5 by 35

Sep 25, 2020
Ottawa, Ontario

5by35 is a brand new non-profit, set up specifically to develop and deliver an innovative, 'Made in Canada' tobacco smoking cessation and relapse prevention / attitude maintenance program funded by a three-year grant from Health Canada's Substance Use and Addictions Program (SUAP).

We are looking for an experienced non-profit executive to work part-time with us to ensure we are fully compliant both with federal law regarding the operation of non-profits and with the covenants regarding SUAP funding. We anticipate that funding will become available in November 2020. We would prefer candidates with experience working in the public health sector, ideally with some knowledge of the tobacco control establishment.

We anticipate a workload of around 50 days per year, with those days most likely being concentrated into short bursts of activity rather than spread out over the year. The role would involve planning and managing our finances, liaising with collaborators / suppliers and ensuring we meet Health Canada's SUAP reporting requirements.

In terms of contractual arrangements we are happy to consider a freelance / consultant role. Compensation will be on a hourly / daily rate. We will be based in Ottawa, but this work can be done remotely from anywhere. 

Please respond with CV and salary expectations to: and we can set up a Zoom call to get to know each other better.



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