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DIRECTOR - Courage in Action

Sep 18, 2020
Toronto, Ontario

We have a new board (only one year old) for our women’s charity.

Mission: A national sisterhood empowering women to overcome adversity and create positive change.

Vision: To bring women together at conferences that inspire confidence, foster friendships and teach life skills as they move from adversity to possibility.

Courage in Action Values:

  • Empowering women to move forward one step at a time
  • Inspiring hope, courage and perseverance
  • Creating an inclusive, safe and supportive environment
  • Fostering belief in the ability to grow, change and learn
  • Building a community through contribution

We believe that: Everyone matters.  Everyone is equal.

We aim:To provide opportunities for connection, learning and contribution for our attendees, volunteers, Board of Directors and sponsors.

A little about us:

We do not have an office location as everyone is volunteers and right now the majority of our work is done via our conferences

Unfortunately due to Covid-19 we had to cancel our four conferences (Toronto, Ottawa, Saint John and Halifax).  We are still moving forward with a few other initiatives to support the ladies who attend our conferences:

  • We are currently accepting applications for our annual $2,500 bursary
  • We are in the process of launching our pilot Mentor Circles program
  • We have started our Courage in Action podcast (soon to be live!)
  • We hold a weekly Zoom call with guest speakers as a way to stay connected and provide ongoing learning

What we are looking for:

With the exception of our president none of the board members have any experience being on a board.  We have all our bi-laws and all required documents created.   W have created templates for all out procedures and policies.  What we are looking for is someone with experience serving on a board, someone who can help us with fundraising and sponsorship.  We need someone who will roll up their sleeves and help us grow so we can support more women and reach our goal of 1000 women by 2025.

If interested please contact Cindy Stradling at



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