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Direct Support Worker - Community Living Durham North

Oct 15, 2019
Little Britain, Sunderland, Cannington, Janetville, Ontario
Entry Level

Support Worker (Part Time)

Our Vision

A community where everyone is valued

Our Mission

To offer quality services and supports built on choice and advocacy, while fostering the community’s capacity to value all members.

Reporting Relationship

The Support Worker position reports to a designated Program Manager.

Position Summary

The paramount responsibility of every employee is to adhere to, and promote, our organizational Vision and Mission statements.

The Support Worker will work directly with and on behalf of people who have a developmental disability, assisting them to articulate and achieve their personal outcomes.  He or she will support individuals in their personal growth, assist them to participate in the community, and help them to enhance their general quality of life.

Support Workers must work in compliance with the provisions of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and with the Social Inclusion Act, 2008 and its Regulation 299/10.


  • DSW Diploma or equivalent is preferred but the person must have completed his or her high school matriculation
  • Valid driver’s license and access to a personal vehicle

Core Competencies (expectations that apply to every employee and every position)

  1. Compassionate, responsible support of people, their families and the community
  2. Effective and positive communication with everyone
  3. Enthusiastic support for my organization, team and co-workers    
  4. Embracing change, innovation and personal growth

Role Competencies (responsibilities specific to this position)

Documents and Communicates Information Accurately and Completely

  • Reads, initials and acts on all documented information at the beginning of his/her shift                                       
  • Maintains security and complies with call-in requirements                                                                                         
  •  Records all information and completes required documentation at end of his/her shift

Provides Excellent Support to People

  • Plans menus, shops for groceries, and prepares nutritious meals for people utilizing safe food handling procedures
  • Contributes to maintaining acceptable housekeeping standards by completing site-specific routines like housekeeping, laundry and maintenance
  • Assists people in their daily living and monitors people’s physical needs
  • Assists in planning and facilitating family visits, community access and other natural supports within the community
  • Helps people with their personal finances
  • Keeps up to date on the concepts of person-centered planning and assists in the development of individual plans
  • Administers medications in accordance with safe practices
  • Coordinates the logistics of people’s medical appointments
  • Uses and promotes approved behavioural techniques to encourage normative behaviour on the part of supported people

Acts Prudently Concerning Health and Safety of Staff and People

  • Adheres to all health and safety rules and regulations
  • Capable of handling emergency situations

Working Conditions (employees must be able to work safely and effectively given the following working conditions)

  1. Regular interaction with persons with challenging behaviours
  2. Required to work alone
  3. A risk of exposure to communicable/contagious diseases
  4. Completion of general household tasks that require lifting, bending, pushing and pulling
  5. All staff must have the physical capacity to safely employ approved behavioural intervention techniques
  6. May be required to assist persons to climb stairs
  7. Possible exposure to persons who smoke and to household animals
  8. May have to provide personal care
  9.  May need to deal with issues regarding sexuality

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